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Building Your Wiha Toolbox

Building Your Wiha Toolbox

Wiha 75965Known by hobbyists, DIY-ers, master craftsmen, aerospace experts and everything in between, Wiha tools is a name that is synonymous with quality. Many of their tools are made in Germany using chromium-vanadium steel which makes their tools strong, durable and resistant to wear. Wiha tools made elsewhere are held to the same rigorous standards and it shows. Many craftsmen say “buy nice or buy twice” and choosing Wiha is a great way to ensure that extra investment into tools will be one that lasts.

EIO is the largest distributor of Wiha tools in the Los Angeles area and ships to nearly anywhere in the world. Carrying Wiha was an easy choice to make because not only is the brand top quality, but Wiha stands behind their products with a “No Hassle Guarantee” that is not easily matched. If you are not happy with your tool, you can contact Wiha to get it replaced within 12 months, and tools that are defective due to material or workmanship issues will be replaced as long as the tool is owned by you.

An affordable way to start building your Wiha toolbox would be to take advantage of the many combo tools that they make, and there really is something for everybody. Here’s just a few to start with.

Wiha 77790For those who love to tinker with PC’s, Apple stuff, drones and small electrics the Wiha 75981 Pen Handle has six bits hidden inside of it for convenient access while on the go. Just make sure to shake it out as the bits sometimes get stuck in the tip. The Wiha 75965 Microbit Ratchet set, while less portable, can still be carried around in a backpack or tool bag and is super convenient for iPad or drone repair in the field. Compared to buying, carrying and storing multiple tools, these are really low investment, high return options that will do many jobs for the price of one tool.

For those with bigger jobs to tackle, the Wiha 77790 26 in One is practically an entire tool chest in one screwdriver. With spring pop-up access, this particular tool is an extremely portable way to be ready for any tool need on the go.

With Wiha tools, having enough tools for the job is easy and affordable.

Already own and use Wiha tools?! Review your favorites on our website!

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