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Quality German Tools - Felo

Quality German Tools - Felo

Felo vs Wera
In 1950, 67 years ago, Felo tools was founded in Neustadt, Germany thus founding one of the best producers of quality German tools that are available for sale. Starting small, but growing for six generations, Felo has since grown to employ 200 people and their tools are all made in Germany. Because we believe in their quality, we at distribute many Felo tools, bringing quality German workmanship to you at an affordable price. Felo tools are solidly built, and they also feel hefty and durable enough in your hands to do the big jobs that you need done. These are not your cheap knock-offs, you can feel the difference. To help introduce you to the Felo brand, here are some ideas of how to build your toolkit.

Felo XS Box set
For a classic, old-fashioned workshop feel, the Felo 0715722155 wood handled screwdriver set comes in both Phillips and slotted. Customers love the old school feel of these and even better, the price is right. You can get several quality screwdrivers at a bargain price making this a practically must-have set for every home. For those looking for something more modern, we sell the standard Felo screwdrivers as well. Felo’s standard handle is nice with an ergonomic grip. The Felo handle is pretty comparable to Wera’s in that it’s a more natural fit for the hand.

A great pocket-sized option for ratchets with a good variety of bits is the Felo 0715761545 XS Box Set which comes with 30 bits. The ratchet that comes with it is compact for easy carrying and use in tight spaces. The set also comes in a really cool looking, yellow case. A great addition to anyone’s toolkit.

felo screwdrivers
Need something insulated? Felo 0715753439 E-Smart Box with 12 Interchangeable Blades and Handle has a good variety of heads to use on the job. Like Klein and Wiha, they’re also tested up to 10,000 VAC and certified for up to 1,000 VAC. The set also comes with a sturdy case so that you can stay organized and protect your tools. Since they’re comparable to some of the other big brands, it pretty much comes down to personal choice and aesthetics.

Lastly, another great all-in-one solution is the Felo 0715751427 E-Pro All-In-One System which gets you 11 bits with one handle and a case for your bits. It’s a great option for getting something that allows you to tackle multiple jobs with one tool, saving you space and money. Even better, this set is insulated and tested for use up to 1,000 volts. It really is an all-in-one, so if you need a good one stop choice for a tool at home, this is a great option.

We carry many other Felo tools, so be sure to check out what we have to offer and see which tools you can’t live without. Already own some Felo tools? Leave us a review for the tool you like!
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