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Interesting Uses for 3M Adhesive

Interesting Uses for 3M Adhesive

The wonders of science have given us a lot of amazing chemicals and products that can do some wonderful things. One of the foremost innovators for industrial chemicals and cool new products is probably 3M. For many decades, 3M has been creating new and exciting products that change the way we live, work and play. One such area where 3M has made huge contributions is with adhesives, 3M makes many kinds of different adhesives for different uses, but 3M’s acrylic adhesive is not only ridiculously strong, it can be used for some things you never would have thought about.

3M adhesive unbreakableOne of the most interesting uses for 3M adhesive is for making golf clubs. It might be hard to believe that the heavy head of the golf club would stay attached such a thin shaft when hitting the ball, but with the 3M DP810 it does. The DP810 is used by a large number of people who assemble their own golf clubs and the response is overwhelmingly positive. A number of our own customers have told us that this was their go-to adhesive for bonding golf club heads to the shaft, and it seems to be mentioned quite a lot in online forums, so if you need to attach a golf club head, or anything really, give this stuff a go.

Another adhesive that’s also used for golf clubs and other sporting goods is the DP420NS. The DP420NS also has other useful applications, namely in areas such as electronics, composites, transportation, attaching Kevlar, and electrical connectors. This one is a really strong adhesive and you can see the evidence right here, where, after proper curing time, a coupler bonded with this adhesive was able to lift and hold more than 14,000 pounds…overnight. That’s probably strong enough for any need.

3M adhesive dispenserOne last adhesive 3M makes that’s much in line with the others is the DP8805NS. This adhesive is functionally similar to the others, so it’s recommended that you figure out which one works best for your specific needs. The DP8805NS appears to be well suited to bonding metals and once it’s cured it’s pretty much nigh invulnerable.

These are just a few uses for 3M adhesives, with so many different possible uses it’s impossible to mention them all. These products are great to keep in mind for any sort of industrial, handyman or other situation where you need to permanently bond one thing to another and glue, nails and fasteners aren’t an option. Keep in mind too that these adhesives are meant to be used with a mixing nozzle and dispensing gun similar to the setup used in this video, so ensure you find the compatible tools. Once you find the right adhesive and the right dispense you’ll be able to make or repair just about anything with this adhesive.

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