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Make Some Science Monday – Thames & Kosmos Science Kits

Make Some Science Monday – Thames & Kosmos Science Kits

We’ve highlighted science and STEM toys, as well as some made by Thames & Kosmos quite a few times here, and since they make so many great learning toys, we thought it was a good time to highlight a few more. Today’s focus will be a look at a few “all-arounders” that do a good job of laying some foundations of the science fundamentals.

Thames & Kosmos 631116 Elements of ScienceTo start with, Thames & Kosmos 631116 Elements of Science (a tie-in with National Geographic) contains 100 different experiments that teach about biology, chemistry and physics. The experiments are broken down into 15 different chapters that cover: air and water, sound, magnetism, light, plants, animals, the human body and various chemical experiments. You should also note, there is a list of items that you will need that are not included in the set, but most of these are things you would probably have around the house. This set is ideal for girls and boys 10 years old or older and will help them learn probably more science than they would in school. At the very least, it will encourage them to be curious and try learning science on their own or with a small group.

Another exciting set is solely based on chemistry and ties into the best-selling book “The Dangerous Book for Boys.” While the book deals with tree houses, paper airplanes, fishing and other traditional “boy” activities, the science kit has quite a few experiments that boys may find entertaining. Some of the projects include making slime, smoke bombs and stink bombs. Although directed at boys, there may be girls as well who would be interested in this kit.

If your girl is a bit more traditional though, she’ll probably be more interested in the Thames & Kosmos 646517 Perfume Science kit. This kit will train your budding perfumer in the biology of smell and the chemistry of scents while also teaching the history of perfume. The best part is that this set basically has everything a real perfumer lab would have. This kit may be the first step to developing a career in scent making, the lessons it teaches and the tools it includes will be used by people in the business.

Thames & Kosmos 665001 PyramidLastly, branching out from the three main fields of scientific study, the Thames & Kosmos 665001 Pyramid Dig drives home some lessons about archaeology, specific to Egypt of course. This set will excite curious youngsters as the learn about hieroglyphics and use that knowledge to unlock the mysteries of the pyramid. They will also use the tools of an archaeologist to discover artifacts and learn the best practices of how to excavate a find. Once the digging activities are done, the pyramid and the cutaway showing inside a pyramid become a decoration.

Make sure to grab whichever of these is the best fit for your kids and help them discover an entire world of science. We would also love it if you left us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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