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Ochsenkopf, Great Steel, Quality Wood - Awesome Axes

Ochsenkopf, Great Steel, Quality Wood - Awesome Axes

When you need a tool for a job, sometimes a trip to the local hardware store for a one-off purchase will do the job and get you something cheap for a quick job. However, if you’re going to need a tool to use frequently or over a longer period of time, it pays to invest in something with better quality and a long tradition of making tools that last.

ochsenkopf axe 1Few have been making tools as long as Ochsenkopf has been making axes and other forestry tools. Ochsenkopf was started by the Fahlefeld Brothers in 1781 and only became part of Gedore Tools in 2004 which only served to improve Ochsenkopf’s already impressive quality. Ochsenkopf has been around so long that they brand themselves as “Like a Myth”. With more than 230 years in the business, they’ve definitely earned that title.

vintage ochsenkopf axeheadOne of the many ways Ochsenkopf has honed their craft to ensure quality is in the design of their axes and the materials they use. While the type of axe may cause some variation to this, the shape of an Ocshenkopf axe is rounded rather than being wedge shaped like other brands. This “crowned cutting form” of the axe head increases the life by increasing the stability of the axe when used. You can see an overview of that and the general production process here. Hickory wood is also preferred for the handles as hickory is made up of long fibers that hold the wood together whereas ash and other woods will separate more easily. If the handle does break on an Ochsenkopf axe, the fibers help prevent the axe head from flying off and hurting someone. With a design focused on durability, safety and the use of strong materials like C60 steel and strong hickory wood for the handles, you’ll see why an Ochsenkopf axe can be your lifetime companion.

ochsenkopf hickory handleTo help you find the right partner for your life’s wood chopping journey, Ochsenkopf’s website has an axe selector. Simply click the job you need to do, then come on over to our website to buy the one you need. You’ll really need to look through that yourself to make sure you find the best axe for your needs. It will be a lifetime pairing, afterall.

For felling and splitting jobs, most axes in the Iltis series or the Universal Gold series will be up to the challenge. The Iltis features a “triple clamp” which serves to ensure the axe head is firmly attached to the handle. This series of axe has a lower weight but more cutting power due to its ergonomic design. The Universal Gold is of a slightly different design, but boasts an “absolutely safe joint” at the axe head for safety and the handle itself is designed to reduce slipping.

Great features for safe axe use. For added safety, Ochsenkopf’s Rotband (Red band) adds and extra element of safety by protecting the handle of your axe if you miss a strike. In addition to these larger axes for felling, splitting and other jobs, Ochsenkopf also makes a full line of hatchets with the same level of quality.

For other products to support your lumberjacking, be sure to check out our other Ochsenkopf listings. There’s several wedges to use in felling trees and a sharpening stone to keep your axe ready for action. For your inner Ren Festie, the throwing axe is perfect. Be sure to look through this fine selection of axes. If you have a favorite, leave us a review on one of the above links or share a photo of yourself with your “lifetime companion” axe on Instagram.

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