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Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Animals and Machines

Thames & Kosmos Remote Control Animals and Machines

Remote control toys are expensive, and once you have them, they can be hard to control. So what do you do for your younger child who has an interest in remote control, but isn’t old enough for a more complicated toy? Try out Thames & Kosmos’ Remote Control Machines.

There’s a couple different sets that are good for children as young as eight. The set works similar to Legos but with parts specially designed to make a secure connection and facilitate movement. The sets also contains motors and remote controls to move the toys.

Remote control remote
The first set to consider is Thames & Kosmos 620373 Remote Control Machines Animals which features instructions for eight different animals. Kids will be able to build a T-Rex, scorpion, elephant, rabbit, penguin, crab, orangutan and a pterosaur. The animals are made by building the basic skeleton and “dressing” the toy in its plastic skin so that it resembles the animal. Most of the animals walk in the manner of their natural forebears, however the orangutan and the pterosaur move a long a string suspended over the ground, which adds something unique to the different models. Kids can move the animals back and forth with the two button remote control. It’s a great way to start simple to get kids used to controlling toys. With several different animals to build and control, it will keep kids entertained for a good while.

Thames & Kosmos Remote control animals
The Thames & Kosmos 620374 Remote Control Machines:  Space Explorers, meanwhile get kids prepared to be the best at space. This set is a “Parent’s Choice Gold Award Winner” and it’s sure to be a greater challenge than the animals and definitely great for anyone that loves space. The models that can be made with this set include:  a lunar rover, rocket launcher car, space shuttle with opening and closing cargo bay doors, robotic space shuttle payload arm, moon lander, wacky astronaut, satellite, mars station, and cross-wing flyer that’s quite reminiscent of an X-Wing from Star Wars.
The remote control is more complex than the other set as it allows control of up to three motors which move the robot, steer the robot and operate the robotic arm on one of the rovers. With the robot arm, you can even pick up small rocks, mimicking a real space mission! The other models each have their own special movements, so this set is sure to please.

These two sets will help teach your kids some building skills and also help prepare them to play with more difficult remote controlled toys later on. The best part about this is it teaches them to follow instructions, how to build things, teaches them about animals and about space explorations. All around, great STEM toys that will keep your child busy.

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