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Tool Tuesday - Wrench Sets

Tool Tuesday - Wrench Sets

Archimedes is credited with saying “give me a lever long enough and I shall move the world” and while that may be a slight exaggeration, it gives credit to how powerful a lever can be. One of the most useful and easily transported levers is the wrench. While the first wrench was patented in 1835, the history of the wrench goes back to at least the 15th century where it was called a “spanner,” a name which persists in the UK to this day. Spanners were originally made to order by blacksmiths for specific jobs and are believed to have also been used in weaponry such as crossbows. In the past 200 years though, wrenches have largely been perfected and are available in cheapo versions at pretty much any store, or if you prefer something that will last a while, from quality manufacturers in the USA and Europe like Klein, Wiha, Wera, Knipex and Gedore.

Klein Tools 68500 Wrench set
The best way to build your toolbox with quality tools is to take advantage of the many combo sets available. Klein Tools has many different sets, however the Klein 68400 Combination Wrench Set is a 7 piece set that feature the common sizes from 1/4 to through 5/8 while the Klein 68500 is the metric equivalent with sizes ranging from 7mm to 15mm. Lastly, the Klein 68402 is similar to the 68400 but comes with two additional wrenches. We also carry many other wrenches by Klein including other combination sets, open ended sets and more.

wiha 20093
Wiha too makes many different sets, some in competition with Klein like the Wiha 40093 which is comparable to the Klein 68400. Both are excellent quality and it comes down to preference. Wiha 40097 is a 15piece set containing sizes from 5/16 all the way up to one inch. Definitely a great set for someone needing to throw a toolbox together. Taking a little of the work out of it, there’s also several sets like the Wiha 40096 which include a toolbox with a selection of wrenches. If you need something a bit more specialized, Wiha makes insulated wrenches too like the Wiha 20093 open ended metric wrench set. Be sure to check out all that Wiha has to offer.

For more wrenches with solid workmanship and not many frills, Gedore wrenches are a solid tool that will probably last you a lifetime. Gedore’s 6012680 is a 17 piece set and the 6012920 is a 26 piece set. Both sets are metric and contain all of the sizes you might most commonly need. Knipex is another quality brand, specializing in various pipe wrenches like the Knipex 83 10 010 and insulated wrenches like the Knipex 98 00 9/16.

Wera 05020093001Lastly, stepping the wrench game up, Wera’s Joker wrenches all come in a nice holding case and of course feature Wera’s penchant for color coding and added aesthetic. While there are several sets to choose from, Wera’s 4 piece (metric), 8 piece (inches) and 11 piece (metric) sets will store easily and contain all of the most common sizes you might need.

Whichever wrench set you choose, they’re made by tool manufacturers that are all used and recognized by industry professionals. If you have a favorite tool, we’d love to hear make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!
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