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Wera and Wiha Wednesday – Torque Tools

Wera and Wiha Wednesday – Torque Tools

There are many occasions when getting the perfect amount of torque on a nut, bolt or screw is absolutely essential. Getting the right torque is important because in many cases too little results in a loose fastener and too much will create too much pressure or downright break whatever you’re adjusting. The first torque wrench was invented in 1918, one hundred years ago, for use in repairs to New York City’s water pipes. Water pipes of course are perfect examples of where you want the perfect amount of pressure on your fasteners. The use of torques has grown beyond that into the electronics, PC and aerospace industry where precision is of the utmost importance.

Wera Torque wrench
When it comes to torque wrenches, Wiha seems to take a “one size fits all” approach in that their tools are a ratcheting torque wrench and they are insulated. Wiha 30114, Wiha 30138, and Wiha 30152 each are insulated up to 1,000 volts, Wiha’s standard and they come with a certificate of calibration like all of Wiha’s torque tools. These wrenches also have a plainly visible reading scale so you can ensure accurate measurements.

Wiha 28595 Torque
Wiha also makes a variety of torques screwdrivers, which you can get with great variety. The Wiha 28597 is an 8 piece Torx torque screwdriver set that comes in a nice pouch. You can also get the Wiha 28595 53 piece set which has a huge variety of bits. If you exact torque for a variety of different screw types, this is the set you need. Wiha also has a few different torque handles for use with different blades like the Wiha 28553 and the Wiha 28734 which is insulated. Insulated torque tools seem to mostly a Wiha thing. One more unique thing about Wiha torque is that they have several T-Handle torque drivers like the Wiha 28935 giving you all the bonuses of a T-Handle with the precision of torque.

Wera, on the other hand, does something more conventional, but still found a way to implement their rebellious flare. There are quite a few different Wera torque wrenches, and Wera torque screwdrivers, but you might want to take a close look with the Wera reversible ratchet drive torque wrench. These are also available with Wera’s unique grip so be sure to look through all of the various sizes and option before ordering.

Wiha insulated torquevario handle
Wera’s torque screwdrivers also have a great variety. They have a number of preset torque drivers like the Wera 05028040001 with .6Nm torque, or you can get the adjustable torque screwdriver. Preset torque drivers also come in an ESD safe version. As if Wera’s typical handle wasn’t unique enough, they’ve also designed a torque with a pistol grip, some of which are adjustable. You can also get a great combo set for tire pressure with the Wera 05074745001 or for a wider range of jobs with the Wera 05350451001.

There is an incredible amount of variety in these torque tools, and they can be used for an incredible amount of different tasks. It would be nearly impossible to go through the uses for each one here, so we’d love to hear from you! Tell us about your favorite one and what you use it for with a product review and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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