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Wera - The Brand for "Tool Rebels"

Wera - The Brand for "Tool Rebels"

Wera Hex wrenches
As one of the largest online retailers of tools in Southern California, we have expanded our selection to now include Wera Tools! Wera was founded in Germany back in 1936, and while the company has been at it for a long time, their tools are anything but old fashioned. You might think that a tool’s a tool and there’s not much that can be done to innovate the world of tools much further, but Wera rises to the challenge to make tools that truly look like something from the 21st century. They’re colorful, sleek, solid and smooth, and they have a very unique aesthetic to them. But they’re more than just a pretty face, when you hold a Wera tool in your hand you’ll be able to tell that it’s exceptionally strong and well made. Check our website out to get your hands on some quality German tools made by Wera!

One of the places where Wera stands out is in their Hex keys. While they resemble your typical Allen wrench, Wera adds color to the smooth finish in addition to clear labelling on each wrench making it easier to find the particular tool you need for a given job. These hexes will definitely stand out in any toolbox.

Wera Handles
What Wera is best known for, though, is their screwdrivers. Wera’s signature handle is shaped to be more comfortable to hold ergonomically as it follows the natural contours of the hand. The grip is really comfortable to hold, especially for extended use. The natural grip also allows you to get more power with far less abuse to your hand and wrist. We carry the insulated and conventional drivers for just about any situation in addition to Wera’s precision drivers. The standard drivers will make a huge difference and are a great ergonomical screwdriver for any professional.

Taking some of their color coding to regular wrenches, Wera’s Joker wrenches not only look slick, but they’re strong as well. Conveniently the Jokers come with a carrying/storage cases for easy storage and are an excellent addition to any tool kit. They look so cool that we at EIO are looking for reasons to need these for home use.

Lastly, the Zyklop ratchets come in a few varieties. We have some larger sets that come in a nice holding case, or even smaller sets which come in a less impressive, but still high quality case. One of the best things to note about Zyklop is that some of the models have taken their handles from the ergonomic grip of the Wera screwdriver, so you know it will feel right.

We’re excited to finally have Wera tools available for sale and hope that you’ll find the tools you need. Are you already a fan of Wera? Leave us a review for your favorite tool on our website!
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