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3M Dispensers for Large Area Masking

3M Dispensers for Large Area Masking

There’s no doubt that when you’re working in an autobody shop or other types of workshop environments, you need an area that’s clean and organized. This is important not only for safety, but organization also saves money by reducing time to look for needed tools/materials and it also helps keep materials in a nice condition so that they can be used which of course saves money replacing them. It also helps if your storage solution is mobile so that it can be brought to, or mounted at, the needed work area which will of course save time in taking trips to gather materials. For paint shops and autobody shops, 3M Dispensers for Large Area Masking provides organization, mobility and easy access while working and there are several options that will help in multiple situations.

3M 06781 Scotch Cart Masker

The first and perhaps most versatile option for large area masking is 3M’s 06781 Scotch Cart Masker which, as you might guess, is a mobile cart that can store important masking materials and move them to wherever they are needed in the shop. It should be noted that paper and tape are not included with the cart, however, the Cart Masker has a number of great features including: 

  • Easy handling of rolls of masking paper with two tiers of storage
  • Flexibility in size of materials, the cart can accommodate most 3M automotive masking rolls up to 18” wide
  • The included tape dispenser can hold and dispense pre-taped masking paper
  • Additional masking tools and supplies can be stored in the cart's deep and spacious storage trays

The cart makes it incredibly easy to handle rolls of masking paper, simply unroll the needed length and use the knife bracket to rip it off. You have the option of dispensing the paper alone or with masking tape attached. The cart also keeps materials off the floor – and therefore clean – which means they will stick to the car or other surface that needs masking. Lastly, the cart is narrowly designed so that it can be easily maneuvered through the tight confines of your average workshop or keep it in the supply room when not in use. In short, the Scotch Cart Masker is a super convenient mobile storage and dispensary for all your workshop’s masking needs.

3M 06780 Overspray Protective Sheet Masker

Another tool for masking needs in your shop is the 06780 3M Overspray Protective Sheet Masker. Weighing in at 20 pounds, the Overspray Masker can be easily moved and used vertically or horizontally. The dispenser also features double steel brakes which keeps the unit stable while dispensing. 3M’s Overspray Protective Sheet Masker also includes the following features:

  • Can dispense 3M plastic sheeting, 3M overspray protective sheeting or 3M premium plus masking film
  • Rolling is made easy with spring loaded end frame and locking tape hub
  • Frame can be mounted to the wall to make the most of work space
  • Overall shop cleanliness is improved with access to plastic sheeting
  • Dispense Plastic sheeting and premium plastic sheeting

Overall, 3M’s Overspray Protective Sheet Masker will save money by keeping your shop clean and organized as having plastic sheeting, overspray protection and masking films easily accessible with a convenient dispenser will again save time on the job.

The last few tools that help with 3M masking are three different apron tapers which includes 06864 Scotch Slimline Apron Taper, 06865 Scotch Apron Taper 18” and 06866 Scotch Apron Taper 36”. Each of the three is similar and has the same basic features which includes:

  • Ability to dispense paper & tape simultaneously making masking faster and easier
  • Masking rolls up to 36” wide can be used to conveniently tackle multiple jobs
  • Compatibility with most tape ¾” and wider
  • Wall and bench mounting capable tubular frame allows efficient use of shop space
  • Upgrade parts are available for even more applications
3M Apron taper

The apron tapers do not require mounting, though you can mount them to the wall or a table with four 5/16” holes in the tubular frame. The knife bracket also pivots for proper cutting while mounted on the wall. The apron tapers also allow masking tape to be dispensed with masking paper simultaneously meaning it’s ready for action off the roll. Each of the holders will hold most ¾” Scotch masking tapes and models are available for 18” and 36” masking paper rolls.

Loading the paper and tape is also easy, technicians install the roll on the apron taper, attach the tape then thread it through the knife bracket. Once loaded it can be pulled to the proper length and torn off evenly.

With 3M’s dispensers for masking you will keep your work areas organized, have the ability to move and mount tape dispensers where you need them most and in doing this you will keep materials clean and save time all of which translates to saving money. For those doing the work it will make their jobs much easier meaning a happier day on the job!
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