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An Overview of Ideal Tools

An Overview of Ideal Tools

Here at EIO we’re already known for carrying high quality German and American tools and we’re adding one more American-based tool manufacturer to our catalog. Illinois-based Ideal Tools, in business for more than 100 years, are now available for purchase at Ideal Tools is a brand widely recognized electricians for the various strippers and connectors that they manufacture. In addition to that, Ideal makes quite a few other things, though and they’re definitely up there with Klein, Wiha, Wera and other brands in terms of quality.

Ideal tools socketsTo start off, Ideal’s standard tool offerings about what you would expect from a tool manufacturer. Ideal’s 4090-I Impact Socket Set for a 3/8 drive contains both Metric and Imperial sockets and is a great set to have if you have an impact driver. If you want something for manual use, the Ideal 4147-6-I Socket set for a ½ drive is a great option too. They also have a nice set of 35 Torx bits, the Ideal 19763-I, which features Torx bits and sockets, and a nice case. Rounding out Ideal’s selection of standard tools is the Ideal 36-600 Drill Tap which is an 8 piece set of bits with a case, Ideal 30-3430 is one of the linesman pliers that they make and the Ideal 45-2128 is one of the many wire strippers that they make. These are just a few examples of the more commonplace tools that they make, and they’re every bit as good as the other brands we sell, so take a look at their standard tools. And of course, they also make things to carry your tools in like the Ideal 10-466 Electrician’s Tool Pouch.

Ideal tools terminatorsIdeal also brings something new to the table with their connectors, maintenance kits and lockout kits and safety signs. We carry the Ideal 30-1032J 2 port connectors, the 30-1033 3-port connectors and the Ideal 30-1034 4 port connectors. You can also get a variety of connectors with the 30-2255 Basic Lighting Maintenance Kit or the 30-2257 Lighting Installation Kit which comes with tools. Those are just a few of the options for connectors, so be sure to look around. As far as lockout/tagout (LOTO) kits there are a ton of individual pieces that you can get, or you can also get some of that in a combination set. The Ideal 44-970 is a basic LOTO set that’s probably good for maybe one piece of equipment or a limited project. You can also get a cabinet to mount on the wall, the Ideal 44-975 Industrial Lockout/Tagout Station has a lot of duplicate pieces would be great to have on hand for larger outages. Again, there are a large number of LOTO pieces, be sure to find the right one.

Ideal lock out tag outIdeal Tools have a long history of quality tools and are well known by industry professionals. We’re super excited to carry these great products and we want to hear from you. Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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