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Announcement for 3M Respirator Orders and Wuhan Corona Virus

Announcement for 3M Respirator Orders and Wuhan Corona Virus

First, if you have questions, PLEASE EMAIL:  SUPPORT@EIO.COM. We are NOT answering questions posed in the comments of this or any other blog. We are answering ALL EMAILS to within 24-48 hours, Mon - Fri.

Due to the increased demand for 3M respirator products caused by the coronavirus outbreak in Wuhan, China and subsequently other locations, we are releasing this announcement so you may have a realistic expectation for your orders and available inventory of these products.

We currently experiencing fluctuations of inventory levels and all items are available on a cyclical basis for the respirators that many are purchasing for protection against the corona virus, HOWEVER, we have placed orders with 3M to fill customer orders and increased demand. We do not have an ETA on when orders for respirators will ship from us, however, we will be filling orders on a first come, first served basis. In other words, those who have ordered first will get their shipments first.

If you have placed an order, we recommend keeping your order because, if you cancel, you will lose your place in line, and all other distributors are facing similar inventory conditions meaning you won’t likely get it anywhere else for a similar or longer amount of time or longer.

We anticipate getting orders in to fill existing orders for respirators in middle to late February and not all of that inventory has been allocated to orders yet. Some news outlets are predicting that the corona virus could potentially last for several months, so demand for the masks will continue to be high for that amount of time at least. By keeping your order, you will likely get your order soon enough for it to be of use.

We appreciate your patience with us as we work diligently to fill your orders for these masks. We are working closely with 3M as they mitigate the increased demand and expect regular shipments in accordance with customer orders.

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willie esquivel - March 24, 2020

Thanks! For the Heads up on this type of product

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