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Bargain Gifts for Dads and Grads

Bargain Gifts for Dads and Grads

Need a last minute Father’s Day gift and you’re on a tight budget? Or maybe someone you know is graduating high school or college and you’re not sure what a useful gift might be? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! We have some great gift ideas under$50, under $40, under $30 and even as low as, like, $5 bucks! We also have free 2 day shipping on many items, or if you ‘re in the Los Angeles area, you can stop by and pick one up if you call ahead. So what are some of these hot deals for dads and grads? Tools! Because we always need tools, so why not buy some good ones?

Bondhus Gorilla GripFirst up, Bondhus Gorilla Grip tools are a steal. Made of solid steel, American made and all for $20 or less. Gorilla grips are a compact tool that folds up nicely for easy storage in your pocket or in an overcrowded tool drawer/chest. They come in standard hex sizes, ball end hexes, Torx sizes and even standard Phillips and slotted head options. You can get a good “all arounder” for $7.10 plus shipping and there’s something in multiple styles in metric and Imperial measurements between $5 and $15. Given that these are a great price, easy to store and always handy, getting several would be a great way to surprise any tool user, and Bondhus is well known for their quality, so you’ll know your money will be well spent.

If you’re looking for some other budget options that are still excellent quality and something useful, few things fit that description more than one of several screwdriver sets. Screwdrivers are a great choice because there’s always some job around the house that needs one. This of course makes them perfect for every high school or college grad and of course any dad who needs tackle some repair about the house.

Felo screwdriver set and incredible valueProbably one of the best deals we have is with Felo screwdriver sets. Felo screwdrivers are severely underrated, in that they are a solid piece of workmanship and comfortable to use. Oh yeah, they’re also extremely affordable. Felo drivers are probably on par with a Bondhus tool with their solid feel. If you like Wera drivers, but balk at the price, Felo’s ergonomic handle can give you a similar feel at a lower price point. You can grab a 6 or 7 piece slotted/Phillips set for under $30 and you can also get some Torx in that range too. For under $40 you can give the gift of an insulated screwdriver set and for just under $50, you can get a slightly different insulated set. If you want to check more sets out, or give this hidden tool treasure a try, you can check out our Felo brand page here. You’ll find a ton of great tools at insanely affordable prices. No joke.

If your dad or grad is a fan of other brands, there’s some options here too. Klein Tools is a little bit less competitive, but they’re a longstanding and trusted name that you can rely on, and if you look you can find some good deals. For just under $50 you can get a set of standard sized Klein screwdrivers and for $40 you can get a set of precision screwdrivers which are always useful for opening battery compartments on toys, fixing glasses and other electronics. If you really want to get something that’s essentials only, for about $15 you can grab a 2-pack of stubby screwdrivers with the two most popular heads.

Wiha 26090 The last few deals are by Wiha and Wera. Wiha’s 32099 is a 7 piece insulated screwdriver set which sells for just under $40. Wiha’s insulated tools are some of the best ones made and a critical element of safety for anyone who may have to do any work around live power connections. For the price point and the safety features, that’s an incredible value. If precision screwdrivers would be a better choice, you can grab the Wiha 26090 Slotted Precision Driver set for right around $20. Lastly, if you want to get your dad or grad a standard screwdriver with added value, the Wera Kraftform Kompakt consists of Wera’s trademark ergonomic handle which you can use with the included bits and other bits made by Wera. It’s a great entry point into Wera’s tools and you can always add on with different bits later on. Definitely a way to make a small investment in Wera Tools.

Whatever the occasion, Father’s Day, Graduation, birthdays, holidays or Spaceship Day, there are many, many tools that you can get for even as low as $20 and they’re not only affordable, they’re high quality and will make life easier for whomever you give them to. Many of the tools also have free, 2-day shipping which means you’ll get your tools fast. Take a look at what’s there and leave us some reviews of your favorites!

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