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Bestselling Felo Tools - Great Quality Tool Buys on a Budget!

Bestselling Felo Tools - Great Quality Tool Buys on a Budget!

Finding good tools and finding some that are affordable can be a real challenge, especially in today’s market where you can go on Amazon or worse, go to Harbor Freight and get a bunch of tools of questionable quality at an affordable price. The temptation to go with a substandard tool to save a couple bucks is great, because, “why do good tools have to cost so much?” Here’s the secret, they don’t. There are some hidden gems, quality tools that are affordable and will help you expand your toolbox with reliable tools without going broke. Here’s a look at some great tools made by Germany-based Felo. It’s never been easier to save money on high quality German tools.

Felo tools got their start in 1878 though wasn’t known as Felo until the 1950s and their focus was on making standard tools like pliers, hammers, chisels and of course screwdrivers. Felo screwdrivers are a fine tool with an ergonomic handle and a solid feel that you won’t get in many other tools. Their tolerance of precision is also well known putting them on the playing field with brands like Wiha, Wera, Klein and Bondhus. You won’t go wrong investing in some Felo Tools.

Felo insulated ergonicNot sure what Felo Tools to start with? We carry their entire line of tools, which obviously includes a number of their best sellers. Starting with their insulated tools we carry Felo 0715751719, this is Felo’s 14 piece E-Smart handle with interchangeable blades and it comes in a nice case. If you don’t need this type of setup, you could opt for the Felo 0715753169, a 6 piece insulated set of standard screwdrivers. This set is an excellent option as it features Felo’s trademark Ergonic handle, the selling point of which is there are many ergonomic tool handles – that is your hand adapts to the handle – whereas the Ergonic handle is the first handle that actually adapts to your hand. Compared to their standard handle, the Ergonic is still quite firm, not squishy, but when you apply enough pressure you’ll feel a little bit of squish, it’s definitely a very subtle change. Just enough to give you the right amount of torque, support and give to make the tool comfortable to use. Definitely a nice feature if you need to use a screwdriver a lot. If you don’t need the full on ergonomic support of the Ergonic driver, the Felo 0715751401 is a 7 piece insulated set that’s going to be a solid, affordable option if you just need some basic insulated screwdrivers and not much else. They’re priced low enough that they’re competitive with more well-known brands, given the lower price and similar quality, this is practically a steal.

comparing chinese knock offA fun side note about Felo’s insulated tools, the E-Smart is actually imitated by cheap tool makers. The Felo 0715753447 is featured in a video by German Tool Reviews, the reviewer takes a look at pretty much a knock off made in China and compares it to the Felo. He makes some interesting, sometimes funny, observations and points out a critical safety issue with the R’ Deer tool that could potentially cause arcing – something you buy insulated tools to avoid.

Felo Ergonic setMost of us though, as cool as they are, won’t ever need insulated tools. And if you find yourself in that category, like I do, you can make do with any of a number of other screwdriver sets. If you want to give the Ergonic handle a try, there’s Felo 0715753167 which is a 6 piece set of slotted and Phillips drivers, or if you just need a couple, you can get two slotted and a Phillips in the Felo 0715753173 3 piece set. Again, if the Ergonic handle isn’t needed, you can make do with the Felo 0715753521 which has the most basic screwdriver tips you would need and it’s a good set if you’re just starting to get some tools. Taking a huge left turn, if precision screwdrivers are what you need, Felo makes those too. Felo’s 0715731844 is a 6 piece set with a case for convenient organizing. The set includes four different slotted sizes and a Phillips #00 and #0 making it a good basic set for precision work.

These Felo tools are all really good deals for high quality tools from Germany. Felo has a long tradition of quality and workmanship and they’ve made some major innovations to basic tools like screwdrivers. Any tool company that can innovate and make a tool better while keeping a commitment to quality is a good option if you’re looking for a brand of tools that you can trust. Felo Tools are definitely a brand worth checking out, they provide not only value, but quality as well. Check them out!

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