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Calling Master Detectives!

Calling Master Detectives!

Someone has eaten the last cookie from the cookie jar! Was it dad? Maybe it was mom? Little Billy or Sarah? It’s time to get to the bottom of the mystery! With the Master Detective Kit by Thames & Kosmos will help your son or daughter find out whodunit. Batman or Batgirl costume not sold by EIO.

Thames & Kosmos Master Detective ToolkitThe kit sets up a little story for roleplay purposes, and you can review that and the activities in the user manual prior to purchasing. The story is used as way to introduce the theories and practices of real detectives and forensic scientists. It’s an excellent way to help your kids try out sleuthing and see if it might be a good career path in the future.

Some of the topics included in the introductory matter are how to hide things secretly using tape or old book covers, how to catch secret visitors with string and tape, how to follow someone discreetly, and much more. Once the manual gets into how to use the items included in the kit your child will already have some basic detective skills.

Master detective kitSome of the items included in the kit for activities are a UV (ultraviolet light) for detecting evidence or counterfeit money, evidence cards for flagging evidence, finger and footprint collecting paraphernalia, bags for collecting evidence, and much, much more.

After learning the techniques from the book and using the items in this kit, your child will be able to not only solve who probably took the last cookie, but also who trampled the flower bed, who was in the room they should not have been in and more. Next time “Not Me” pays a visit, get your little detective to solve the mystery. Unless they’re the one who did it!

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