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Cheap and Easy Car Repairs with Meguiar's

Cheap and Easy Car Repairs with Meguiar's

Anybody who’s a car guy knows that the go-to brand of car care products for car guys is Meguiar’s. Meguiar’s has a long history of obsession with quality and even as things have changed over the past century, they haven’t cut any corners. Having started as a furniture polish maker in 1901, Frank Meguiar broke into car care almost by accident. But since that’s what paid the bills, that’s what he focused on and there was no looking back for the Meguiar family since. This early success helped Meguiar’s carve out their niche which in turn has led to a large number of highly specialized products to make your car look its best. Many of these products remove imperfections and make your car look as good as, or maybe even better than new.

Meguiars ultimate compound before and afterFor removing oxidation, scratches and other flaws, Meguiar’s Ultimate Compound G17216 will remove all of those imperfections using microabrasives to do the job, all without leaving scratches. It’s a quick and affordable way to restore your car to its former glory. You can see it in action here and you can also see some of the accessories you’ll need to use it properly.

Today’s cars have A LOT of plastic components and some of them become discolored or cloudy and that's a problem on many pieces, most especially headlights. While that may seem like an expensive fix to repair or something that maybe you can’t even do anything about. Meguiars PlastX before and afterFortunately this is actually a simple and cheap repair. Meguiar’s G12310 PlastX Plastic Cleaner and Polish will restore uncoated clear plastics removing any signs of yellowing, oxidation, cloudiness and eve fine scratches. This is a much cheaper option than replacing headlights and the like. PlastX is good to use proactively before your headlight is far enough gone to need a complete restoration kit.

For stains, light oxidation, swirls scratches and other defects, Meguiar’s M0216 Mirror Glaze is the perfect cleaner. It contains a buffered abrasive action which lubricates the finish to prevent scratching. You can use it by hand, polisher or buffer.

Meguiars white wax before and afterFor general wax one of our best selling Meguiar’s products, Meguiar’s G6207 Black Wax is specially made to work on dark to black colors giving the best polish available. It polishes as you wax giving it an incredible shine and leaves a glossy finish with no swirls. If you don’t have a dark car, but still want your car to look great, Meguiar’s G6107 White Wax does the same as the black but with light and white colors. You can see the white wax in action here and can expect similar results with the black when used properly.

Grab some of these hot Meguiar’s products, they’re a great way to make your car look great at an incredibly affordable price, certainly much cheaper than extensive repairs.

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