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Estwing Tools:  Superior Craftsmanship for Every Job

Estwing Tools: Superior Craftsmanship for Every Job

Estwing specialty hammer

In what’s becoming a common story for some of our favorite brands, Estwing Tools was founded here in America by a hardworking immigrant, Swedish-born Ernest Estwing, in his basement of all places. His goal – to pursue the goal of making the finest hand tools possible and following that passion, Estwing helped his company grow. Now, a century later Estwing Tools has become synonymous with durability, precision, and superior craftsmanship. Whether you are a professional tradesman, construction guy, a lay-handyman, an expert geologist or even an amateur rock hound, Estwing offers a wide range of tools that will help you on the job or in the field. Take a look and see why Estwing Tools is a top choice for craftsmen all over the world!

Estwing prybar

Estwing Tools is a brand renowned for making tools of unmatched quality, each and every tool is meticulously crafted using high-grade materials, ensuring their longevity and reliability so when you’re using an Estwing hammer, axe, pry bar or one of their many specialty tools, like rock picks, you’ll know you can trust the quality of the tool at hand. This and the high percentage of “made in America” tools help set them apart from other toolmakers in terms of reliability. By making their products in America from American forged steel they’re able to have painstaking control over the final product ensuring peak performance and safety.

Estwing hammer

In addition to making their tools to last, Estwing also strives to make their tools functional, comfortable and easy to use through superior ergonomic design. Each Estwing tool is designed with balanced weight, shock absorption and comfortable grips making work far more tolerable. Any tradesman knows that comfort on the job means being able to do that job better and for a longer time so it makes sense that with Estwing’s ergonomic design you’ll get more work done…just don’t tell your boss.

With these foundations of high-quality materials, excellent workmanship and ergonomic design in place, you can be confident that Estwing has taken the time to design tools dedicated to performing specific jobs. You’ll find hammers for linesmen, bricklayers, framers, and metal workers as well as hatchets and geologist tools. If you need a specialty tool to hit, pick or chop something, there’s a good chance that Estwing makes it. Professionals all over the world have come to trust Estwing’s longstanding tradition of excellence and they’ve truly set the benchmark for quality and durability over the course of their long history. Whoever you are and whatever you need it for there’s an Estwing tool that will make your life easier!

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