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Foldable Rulers

Foldable Rulers

Most of us are familiar with tape measures and probably have one or more lying around the house. Many contractors and workman also probably have the same situation going on, however, there are plenty of people who probably use a folding ruler in addition to or even instead of a tape measure.

Wiha 61604
Folding rulers are great for measuring small and large spaces or objects, they can also be used to measure something that is difficult to reach once they are fully extended. In this feature, they have an advantage over tape measures in that they won’t collapse if extended past a certain point. Folding rulers also can help measure angles large structures when the rule is lined up with features of a building, they can also be used to draw parallel lines. There are probably many other uses, so we’d love to hear from you in the product reviews.

Folding rulers can be made of a variety of materials from wood, metal or any number of different composites. Klein tools has two different wood folding rulers the Klein Tools 905-6 Wood Folding Rule with extension and the Klein Tools 901-6 Wood Outside Reading Folding Ruler. The 901-6 is designed for carpentry and wood working and contains markings and edges on both sides. It also contains a feature that would have helped when I was installing my Ikea shelves on the wall, red stud center markings on the ruler every 16 inches. The 905-6 also has the red stud center but features a graduated slide to extends up to 6 inches for inside measurements.

wiha 61630
Of course, two types of foldable rulers isn’t nearly enough. With Wiha, we have nine different rulers. The Wiha 61604 Composite MaxiFlex metric folding ruler won’t rust and is chemical and scratch resistant. Then there’s the Wiha 61609 6’ inside reading folding ruler, the Wiha 61619 6’ outside reading folding ruler, Wiha 61601 MaxifFlex inside reading ruler, Wiha 61602 Maxiflex 2 meter metric, outside reading ruler, Wiha 61662 Folding ruler, metric/inch, Wiha 61620 Outside reading with depth gauge (replacement depth gauge is Wiha 61615), all of which are 30% fiberglass and can be used for a variety of uses. One key advantage with these over a metal ruler is that they won’t leave marks on what you’re measuring and they won’t get damaged as easily as a wood ruler would. Lastly, Wiha makes a composite ruler with the Wiha 61606 Composite MaxiFlex Folding Ruler metric/inch and a ruler for electricians, Wiha 61630 insulated Maxiflex Electrician’s Folding Ruler. Wiha really has a lot to choose from there, so make sure to look through those to get the right thing.

Foldable rulers can be a really handy addition to any toolbox, and have some clear advantages over tape measures. We’d love to hear from you about any you use, so make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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