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Graphics Cards and Power Supplies for Coin Mining

Graphics Cards and Power Supplies for Coin Mining

Bitcoin mining
When it comes to mining Bitcoins and other cryptocurrency, there are a lot of factors to consider. Some of those factors are how profitable it is when compared to the investment you make in electric bills and hardware setups. Then there’s the whole process of the actual mining. Once all of those things are figured out, the easiest part is what hardware to use and putting the hardware together. Basically, two essential components to start with are a strong power supply and some good graphics cards. Of course, once you have all of the hardware, you should build a rig to house it in and of course you may need tools to build it with.

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As far as power supplies go, you’ll need something that’s both powerful and efficient so that your mining is actually cost effective. At the lower end of the spectrum, perhaps for someone just getting started, Silverstone’s ST1000 series might be a good starting point. With the ST1000 there are 3 different options. The ST1000-P is 80 PLUS Silver rated, the ST1000-G is 80 Plus Gold rated and the ST1000-PT is 80 PLUS Platinum rated. Those ratings are basically how efficient a power supply is. Which one is best for you? Take a look at the specs and compare that to your needs or give us a call at 877-SHOPEIO (746-7346) and one of our “hardware engineers” can help you make the right decision.

ST1200-PT Ideal for coin mining[/caption] If you need a little more juice, the ST1200-PT is a good middle of the road option, with more power than the ST1000, but less than the ST1500. The ST1200-PT is platinum rated and we’ve had a number of customers get this for coin mining with excellent results. The ST1500 is only rated 80 PLUS Silver and is said to be as quiet as a 500W unit, but with its silver rating it’s not as efficient as something at platinum level. What it loses in efficiency, though, it will more than make up for in power.

Whichever you end up with, they’re all good options for your mining rig.

In addition to the power supply, the right graphics card is key. One that has the processing power is Syba’s SI-PEX60017 which is easy to install on any motherboard. Many customers have found this card to be a good investment for their operation.

Whichever of these you end up putting in your mining rig, make sure to do your homework and that it will work for your needs. With the right setup, you’ll be more than happy with the results.

Have you been using any of these for mining? Leave us a review on the respective product link above or show us your rig on Instagram!
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