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Great Deals on Gedore Tool Sets

Great Deals on Gedore Tool Sets

One line of tools we’ve recently added to our catalog of high quality German tools is Gedore. Gedore has been a name in high quality tools for nearly 100 years and they’ll easily continue on long after that. It may be time to upgrade your toolbox with some Gedore tools, they’ll last a lifetime.

Gedore screwdriversProbably the most accessible introduction to Gedore tools would be with their screwdriver sets. Featuring a uniquely styled ergonomic handle and metal parts made of molybdenum-vanadium-plus tempered steel with precision machining, these drivers will ensure a snug fit saving your screws from getting stripped. Gedore’s 1482319 is a 6-piece set consisting of four slotted sizes and the two most common Phillips sizes. You can also get a 10-piece set of Torx drivers with the Gedore 1482335, this set is perfect for recessed Torx screws. Gedore also has some insulated drivers, the Gedore 1616048 is a 7 pack of insulated screwdrivers, certified for use up to 1,000 volts which is the industry standard for insulated tools. Gedore also makes stubby drivers, available individually like the Gedore 2153 8 which is an 8mm slotted stubby. Be sure to check for other sizes.

Gedore Ratchet setGedore also has other staples of the tool kit with some splendid socket sets. The Gedore 1822373 ¼” socket set is 37 pieces with quite a few bits and sockets to choose from. If you needed more pieces, the Gedore 1815687 Socket set with a generous selection of bits and sockets. These would be great options to keep with you on the go. If you don’t need the bits and would prefer to get more sockets, the Gedore 1815652 is a 17 piece set focusing mainly on ¼” bi-hexagon sockets.

In terms of pliers and similar tools, they make just about everything you would expect. The Gedore 1500 ES-VDE is a 4-piece set featuring the most commonly needed tools like a long-nose pliers, a linesman pliers, a sidecutter and an adjustable pliers wrench. Gedore 1692283 and the Gedore 2148692 are 4- and 8- piece sets respectively featuring circlip pliers in both straight and 45 degree angles. They also make a set of combination pliers at a 60 degree angle, the Gedore 8248-160 JC Combination pliers. Rounding out the collection of Gedore gripping tools, the Gedore 9100 2K Pipe Wrench is ideal for confined spaces and gets a great grip with its hardened teeth.

Gedore Pipe BenderAlthough they do make a lot of common tools, Gedore also makes many highly specialized tools. One such tool is the Gedore 1589830 Manual Pipe Bender which is used to bend pipes of various sizes up to 180 degrees. They also have an entire manual bending set, Gedore 1611526 which has a few more extras but can help do similar jobs. Although we don’t carry all of their really unique tools, with enough prior notice, we can special order just about any niche tool like the LES-09/60 which is a torque wrench used in working on heat exchangers.

With their long history of quality, we know you’ll be pleased with any Gedore tool that you get. Not only are they top quality, they also back their tools up with a limited lifetime warranty so in the unlikely event your tool breaks under normal use, and they’ll work with you to make it right. Do you have a favorite Gedore tool? Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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