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Great STEM and STEAM Toys Kids Love

Great STEM and STEAM Toys Kids Love

To continue with ways to get your kids involved in STEM and STEAM, there are many fun and exciting science kits, experiments and toys by Thames & Kosmos. Thames & Kosmos has officially been around since 2001, but the Kosmos arm of the company has been around since as early as 1822 as a book publisher that eventually branched out into science kits. In short, Thames & Kosmos know how to get kids plugged into science.

Thames & Kosmos Glowing Chemistry
There are so many exciting possibilities available that knowing where to start may be hard. The best way to gauge your child’s interest would be to go through the brand page on our site with your kid and let them pick. Otherwise, the following kits might be great ways to groom your son or daughter into the next Einstein. Probably the most eye catching of them all is the Glowing Chemistry kit. Right from the glow-hued box, you can see that this kit is insane fun. This kit teaches kids how to use various chemical reactions to produce chemiluminescence to make radishes and coins glow. What more could you need?

For chemistry with a little more practical application, and closer to children’s hearts, is Candy Chemistry. You guessed it, the power of chemistry helps you and your child make delicious treats. You’ll not only make goodies, you’ll understand the science behind how they’re made.

A field of science that’s relatively new is also represented with the Nanotechnology Kit. This set is a great idea because there’s still plenty of room for discovery as this field of science grows and getting your child in early could reap great scientific rewards later in life.

Need a little movement and action in your science? There’s that too. The Windpower 2.0 kit uses the power of wind to charge batteries and vehicles that your kids build. Solar power comes into play as well with the Solar Boat and the Solar Power kits which do the same but using the warm power of Earth’s yellow sun to charge the batteries.

Thames & Kosmos Electricity and Magnetism
Perfect for a rainy day, there are several kits that can be done indoors. Kids love magnets and the Electricity and Magnetism kit uses more than 60 experiments to teach how the two elements are closely related. Magneto was right. There’s also the STEM Barbie which includes a storybook with several building options for the Barbie lover in the house. Lastly, there’s more fun with electricity with the Advanced Circuit Kit where children learn how to do experiments with electricity and circuits. This last kit would probably be somewhat comparable to Elenco’s kits.

These are just some of the highlights, there are many more available on our website. Come on over to the site, get your kid off of the videogames and into some science!

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