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Greenlee Tools - Full Catalog Online

Greenlee Tools - Full Catalog Online

 Greenlee Meter Greenlee Tools has been around for quite a long time, having started all the way back in 1859 and over all this time, they have continued to expand their catalog while ensuring that the tools they make are top quality. Today they’re one of the top hand-toolmakers, but they also have a focus on tools for professional trades, like electricians, and even high-end industrial tools and electrical equipment. Greenlee Tools are tools you can rely on to do your job and they are trusted to do tough and precise jobs. They’re regarded as some of the best tools around, given how long they’ve existed, that isn’t a surprise. With quality on that level, Greenlee Tools are an excellent investment which is why we’re proud to announce that we now carry (or will soon be adding) Greenlee’s complete catalog.

 One element that sets Greenlee apart from other tool brands, apart from their high voltage and industrial type tools, is their range of tools for electrical installation. Greenlee makes many tools for working with electrical conduit like benders, pipe carts, bent conduit carts, many types of conduit pistons (to help get cable through the conduit), pulling lubricant, fish and glo rods, pipe cutters, fish tape, crimpers, cutting pliers, and many more tools that will help you perform electrical installations quickly, easily and most importantly, safely. Few if any other toolmaker offers this kind of variety for electrical work.

Greenlee High voltage HALO tester

In addition to specialty tools for electrical installation and high voltage, Greenlee also makes standard, high quality tools that you can rely on in your daily work as an electrician, plumber, general contractor, carpenter or all-around handyman. Great finds for your tool bag would include screw drivers and screwdriver sets, L-keys and hex keys, T-handle drivers, standard pliers, needle nose and locking pliers, Pre-assembled toolsets, wrench sets, nut drivers and more. Having quality tools on hand means that not only will your tools withstand the rigors of the job you’re doing, they’ll also ensure that the things you’re working on stay in good condition too. Using a low-quality screwdriver for instance may damage the screw rendering it unusable while damaging the tool as well. When you use tools that are properly made, they will ensure damage won’t occur when you’re fixing something. Greenlee’s standard hand tools will make sure that doesn’t happen when used correctly.

Greenlee Conduit pistons

Greenlee is also well-known as a leader in equipment for low voltage, high voltage and specialty testers. The low voltage testers include multimeters and clamp meters of which there are dozens to choose from. Everything from basic pocket meters up to various electrical kits for more extensive and specific tests are available. Greenlee’s other specialty testers encompass megohmmeters/insulation testers, HALO high voltage ammeters, capacitor testers, cable length meters, digital voltage indicators and many more. There are multiple individual models for each type of tester, so if you don’t see the one you want, let us know!

These tools are just a few of the areas where Greenlee Tools excels. With the entire catalog up, there are way more tools than we can go over here, but these are the first few categories you should check out if you’ve never heard of Greenlee and if you do those jobs these are the first batch of tools you might need. You can take a look again at the entire collection if there’s something special you’re looking for. If you’re a fan of Greenlee, please consider leaving us some product reviews, we’d love to hear from you!  

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