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History and Origin of 3M Command Hooks and what to do with Them

History and Origin of 3M Command Hooks and what to do with Them

Adhesive residueIt’s hard to imagine, but there used to be a time when it was a coin toss as to which would be more irritating to fix after removing something hung on the wall:  the nail hole left in a wall which would need to be patched and then painted or sticker residue that was nigh impossible to get off. Stick-Ups Air Fresheners that were popular in the 80’s were notorious for leaving pieces of foam and adhesive on the wall or ceiling when removed. Sometimes for years afterwards. Surprisingly it was not until 1995 or 1996 that an adhesive strip similar to what Stick-Ups used, but was removable, came into being with the 3M Command Strip. The Command Strip and related products got something of a start in Beiersdorf, Germany in 1995 and 3M later patented the pull-to-remove adhesive strip in 1996. Jim Bries and Margaret Sheridan of 3M also played a key role in coming up with the stretch and release adhesive that are key to making Command products work. The early Command Strips and hooks weren’t perfect, but they were definitely a game changing concept and have only gotten better, more visually appealing and easier to use since. With reliable, easily removed adhesive, it’s easier than ever to hang stuff up without ruining your walls with hammers and nails.

3M Command Hook Art holderWhile it might seem hard to believe, there is a large amount of selection in choosing the right strip and 3M has a guide to help you. You can get Command adhesive strips that hold ½ pound or less all the way up to eight pounds. There are also literally dozens of uses for Command products, including organizing cables, storing various accessories, hanging art, decorations and more. There are also endless other creative hacks you can use to update your home.

There are also at least six things we’re all doing wrong with Command Strips, and if you want your Command products to work right, you should read through that list too. That list boils down to not using them on recently painted, rough or dirty surfaces, press hard when you apply the strip, and pay attention to weight restrictions. By properly preparing the surface, operating within the set parameters you’ll end up with a job well done.

3M Command kitchen organizingTaking all the variations and weight restrictions into account, you might then want to consider aesthetic possibilities. The most basic is the Command Clear Hooks, clips and strips that hold from a half pound up to four pounds. This series is perfect for organizing cables, car keys, small works of art and more. Clear clips at the low end include the 17026CLR, and the 17006CLR up to the 17200CLR at the higher weight threshold. For cable organizing you have several options like the 17017CLR-VP which is a value pack, 17032CLR and 17305CLR to name a couple. The clear series will ensure that your hooks attract as little attention as possible. At least the least amount of attention objects seemingly sticking to a wall would attract.

If you don’t care about discretion, and if you in fact, want to draw attention with a fancier looking hook, there’s a lot of selection of faux metal and decorative metal Command Hooks. The weight limits are more or less the same, but the hooks come in brushed nickel like the MR01-BN or the FC11-BN and Oil-rubbed bronze is also available (FC11-ORB and FC12-ORB). Faux metal comes primarily in the appearance of brushed nickel with hooks like the 17051-BN and 17071-BN among others. There are also graphite (17086G) and quartz (17086Q) colored hooks too.

3M Command backpack hangupIn addition to hooks for clothes and organizing, there are a TON of Command strips for all kinds of other hanging. The 17047 is great for hanging pictures with the saw tooth hanger and holds up to five pounds whereas the 17048 and the 17041 are meant for pictures using a wire on the back of the frame. And don't think about using two hooks to hold a heavy item. It not only looks stupid, it won't work. Instead use something like the 17004 Jumbo Hook. There’s a command hook for any reason, so give us a call if you have questions.

3M has led the way with adhesives for probably close to a century, and Command Strips and Hooks are a continuation of that long tradition. The key benefit of Command Strips is, of course, the fact that the adhesive comes off relatively easily without damaging your walls, and the plastic hooks can be reused with refill strips like the 17020, 17021P, 17022, 17023 and 17200CL. An adhesive that holds strong yet comes off easy is definitely an important step in making life easier. Here at EIO we carry the full line of 3M Command products, so give us a call to check stock or with questions!

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