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Ice to See You - What is MG Chemicals Cold Spray for?

Ice to See You - What is MG Chemicals Cold Spray for?

One of the most popular things that we sell at is the 403A Cold Spray by MG Chemicals. Available in two sizes, the 403A-285G (10 Oz) and the 403A-400G (14Oz) is a chemical spray that has a wide variety of applications, who’d have thought that a spray that makes things cold could be so versatile?

Cold Spray on circuit board
The super cold spray cools things down to -60°F (-51°C), so you’ll want to take care in using it. The main thing that people use this spray for is to diagnose issues with electronic devices and in particular on circuit boards. You can see the spray in action. By using the spray on a circuit board, you’ll be able to find components on the circuit board that are broken and need replacing. In this particular example, a TV that displays “fan problem” is found to have a broken capacitor. Once replaced, the TV functions as normal. What a great way to save money on repairs!

Cold spray can also be used to help maintain temperature control while soldering boards that are sensitive to heat. Just spray throughout the soldering process to keep the temperature regulated and keep the board from overheating. You can also use the spray to reduce cooling time for solder hardening.

cold spray in action
Moving on, gum and other adhesive residues, when sprayed with the cold spray, become hard and brittle and therefore easier to clean as the gum won’t stick once it’s hardened. So if you need to clean gum, or silly putty out of the carpet, off the underside of the table or more, this spray will get that gum out.

Lastly, there are some adventurous souls who use this to treat warts and skin tags. This is really not recommended as the extreme cold temperatures WILL cause frostbite, however some have gotten around this with by spraying a Q-Tip or cotton swab then doing a very careful application. Again, you do not want to spray this directly onto skin, and you should consult the manufacturer or a physician for proper direction if you plan to use this for medical purposes. For more information or safety data sheets (MSDS) please go to the manufacturer’s Website.

The MG Chemicals 403A Super Cold 134 spray is ironically one of the hottest selling cold sprays available. Have you used this spray? Leave us a product review, or tell us about it on Facebook or Instagram!
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