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MG Chemicals - Best Chemicals on the Market

MG Chemicals - Best Chemicals on the Market

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When it comes to chemicals for small industrial needs or high level hobbyists, one of the most renowned names in the industry is MG Chemicals. Headquartered in Canada, MG Chemicals has been producing chemicals for use with electronics and industrial applications since 1955. As the largest distributor of MG Chemicals in Southern California, carries MG Chemicals’ entire product line and we ship them to buyers throughout the world.

For cleaning electronic components, circuit boards and more, MG’s Isopropyl Alcohol is probably the purest alcohol on the market. It cleans flux, dirt, oils and just about anything else that you could imagine. If you’re looking for a high quality electronics cleaner, go no further.

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Speaking of circuit boards, MG Chemicals 835-100ML ferric chloride allows copper etching of circuit boards or other metals. This chemical is intended for use with the economy etching kit and the professional etching kit, so make sure to get one of those as well.

Need to reduce EM or RF interference? Just make a protective enclosure with the Super Shield Nickel Coating 841-340G. While there may be other uses for this product, the most accepted is that it’s used to give plastics a nickel coating that reduces electromagnetic and radio frequency interference. So make your Faraday cage and get back to work. Using the nickel coating to make a hat to protect you from aliens or other signals is done at your own risk and we do not recommend it.

A great chemical with some varied use is the Super Cold Spray 403A-285G. The intended use is to locate cracks in PC boards and solder joints, but it’s said that it can be used in certain cleaning applications such as removal of chewing gum. One could presumably also use it to easily clean other gooey messes. Other brave souls have claimed in certain online product reviews that they have used it in wart and skin tag removal as a cheap alternative to the dermatologist, however that is again not the intended use of the product and may lead to frostbite and harm if done incorrectly. Do so at your own risk.

There really are dozens of other chemicals for potentially hundreds of uses available from MG Chemicals on our website. Take a look and see if one meets your needs or leave us a product review for one you’ve used and how it did the job!
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