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Now Carrying Wright Tools!

Now Carrying Wright Tools!

Like with a few other favorite tool brands that we carry, the success story of Wright Tools is a combination of “right place/right time” and having the right guy in place with the funding, drive and ability to do the job. For a brief window of time in our country’s history, that seemed to be the magic formula for success and those early successes continue to pay dividends to this day. Since they were founded by C. Nelson Wright in 1927, Wright Tools has become one of the gold standards for American-made tools and one of the most trusted names to tackle tough jobs.

wright tools forge 1

Wright Tools got its start out of the trunk of Wright’s car nearly 100 years ago in Ohio and they’ve kept their manufacturing here in America and Ohio specifically so they can keep a close eye on quality, and that has obviously paid off. Not only have they been a constant presence in American tool making, they’ve helped drive innovation as well – believe it or not, Wright was one of the first to come up with cushion grip handles! Their innovation has also led them to not only come up with other great ideas for tools, but has also led to their developing their own special steel alloy and hot forging process which makes tougher tools.

wright toolmaking 2

Because of their tough reputation, you’ll often find tools made by Wright in oil and gas jobs, mining, heavy-duty construction, and even in the most hostile environment possible – space. Because of this, it’s often said that the user of a Wright tool will break before the tool does. While that’s not necessarily the best visual picture to have, it certainly sells home the point of the durability. With that perspective and an affirmation from the CEO in 2021 to stay focused on quality, you can count on Wright and their limited lifetime guarantee which covers defects in workmanship or materials.

wright tool closeup

With that focus on quality in mind, you can have full confidence that any tool in Wright’s catalog is one you can trust. Whether you’re using Wright sockets, hammers, hex keys, pliers, screwdrivers, nut drivers, snips, torque wrenches, chisels/punches among many others, you can be confident that it will get the job done and withstand even the most challenging work environment. By adding some of Wright’s tools to your bag, you’ll be equipped with some of the best tools in the business!

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