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Now Offering the Full SIlverstone Catalog

Now Offering the Full SIlverstone Catalog

Silverstone PC componentsSince 2003 Silverstone Technology has been helping high-end PC users and tech savvy DIYers upgrade their PC’s or build PC’s from scratch. Proving their worth, Silverstone has won and continues to win awards for their PC build components, likely due to the fact that Silverstone stands apart from other brands with their high quality and performance standards as well as their stellar aesthetic sensibilities. Silverstone components can make your PC look like a sharp version of a normal PC or make a high end gaming machine that looks like something that blasted out of a synthwave mix – and in either case it’ll be a high performing, high powered computer. Many such machines are shown off online serving as inspiration to others. You can use that inspiration to help you find some or all of your PC building components.

We’ve recently expanded our offering of Silverstone to now carry their entire catalog and have updated our listings to contain all current models to help you build your own PC in 2020 and 2021. While there are many, many one-off pieces one can get for a build (including HDMI cables), there are some core pieces that are essential to successfully building a PC.

Silverstone ST1200 Power supply One of the key components to consider in the build would be to ensure you have adequate cooling. Case fans are one critical piece of cooling technology as are CPU fans and heatsinks. Case fans of course pipe in cool air to offset the heat generated by your computing power and as the processor works harder, especially in gaming and art, it’ll generate tons of heat requiring a good CPU fan and heatsink. For higher end applications you can grab liquid cooling components for your CPU like the TD02-LITE. By providing proper cooling to your case and especially the processor you’ll be ensuring your PC isn’t plagued by slowdowns or more serious issues like heat related damage.

Probably the next most important piece would be having adequate power to tackle the job your PC will be doing. Silverstone power supplies have a good reputation for reliability and there are a few models, like the ST-1200, that are strong enough to be the workhorse in a coin mining rig. Choosing the right power supply can be a little tricky, but by knowing the wattage your system will need you’ll be able to decide on the right power supply for your needs.

Silverstone PC Of course one component of a competent PC build is having the right enclosure for your hard drive and the right case for the PC. The drive enclosures are suitable for 2.5”, 3.5”, SAS/SATA drives and more. Silverstone’s computer cases are the durable solution to protect your machine from dust, impact and any other environmental hazard. The right case, in conjunction with the right cooling set up will also help ensure good airflow to enhance cooling. Because each PC build is unique and there’s such a large variety of possibilities for cases, it really is worth checking out all of the options.

With this expanded selection of Silverstone components for building PCs you’ll be able to build the custom PC that you need for coin mining, gaming, graphic design, animating and much, much more. Premium power supplies, cooling solutions, cases, cables and more will help ensure that your PC build will be the best possible machine for the job. Take a look through our Silverstone collection to find the right pieces for you.  

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