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OSCA Tools - Italy's Best Kept Secret

OSCA Tools - Italy's Best Kept Secret

OSCA Tools (Officine di Cortenova di Ossola Candido E C. SNC) is an Italian toolmaking company founded in 1969 as a small, family-owned business known for their focus on tools “made in Italy.” OSCA has become known for producing tools with a high degree of quality, and that quality is their most important feature. Fit for many diverse industries, there’s an OSCA tool that will make your life easier!

OSCA Hammer in production 1

At first glance, hammers seem to be the main focus of production for OSCA and for good reason – OSCA has nine different categories for hammers each with their own variations within those categories. Overall, there’s your standard hammer collection, then there’s the carpenter, mason, club, sledge, Nibbio, EVO (and EVO w/ anti-rebound), and copper/aluminum styles. Each of those features plenty of options to explore within each group. In addition to this variety of hammers you can also find axes, hatchets, pickaxes, chisels and case openers (crowbars, etc.) as well as spare handles should one need replacing.

Because of this selection, OSCA hammers are the perfect choice for construction work, carpenters, blacksmiths, electricians, automotive techs and really just about anyone who loves quality workmanship.

OSCA hammer in production 2

That quality workmanship is one of the key factors that sets OSCA apart from other brands. OSCA’s dedication to quality and their belief in staying accessible and focused on a high return in an increasingly globalizing world. Producing everything in Italy ensures that every tool that leaves their factory will be of the highest quality and complies with international quality standards. Furthermore, with their more localized focus they can even customize tools with laser engraving. In short, they’re big enough to produce tools for the high demand, but small enough to still care about the quality and the customer.

OSCA HAMMER in production 3

The last ingredient in the recipe for quality is of course making tools from high quality materials. All of OSCA’s steel tools are made from induction hardened C45 steel, copper tools come from double work hardened copper with a Brinell hardness of 80/100 and aluminum alloys also feature 80/100 on the Brinnell hardness scale. Lastly, wood handles are made from ash or hickory wood. Using materials of this caliber ensure that every tool made by OSCA will be one you can rely on to complete any jobs while also standing the test of time.

With the groundwork of strong dedication to quality laid out, you won’t go wrong investing in some OSCA tools for your collection!

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