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Pelican Products - American Made Flashlights and Storage Cases

Pelican Products - American Made Flashlights and Storage Cases

One of the best hidden treasures when it comes to durable cases, flashlights and other items is Pelican Products. Pelican is practically our neighbor, located literally down the street in Torrance, California and many, if not all of their products are made in the USA. Pelican is widely known in law enforcement, military and even the entertainment industry for their strong plastic cases and waterproof storage. Divers and others who work at sea are also fans of Pelican as well because Pelican not only makes waterproof cases, their flashlights are also waterproof or resistant as well. Pelican's quality is so widely recognized their 7060 Flashlight was adopted as standard issue by the LAPD.

Pelican 3310 flashlight
regards to flashlights, Pelican makes a wide variety for use in many different situations. These are more than an ordinary flashlight, look at any Pelican flashlight closely and you’ll discover all kinds of interesting design features you would never expect. One of the standout lights is the Sabrelite2000. This flashlight has more safety approvals than any other flashlight on the market. Some of these features include a battery guard tray that prevents hydrogen outgassing from a reversed cell as well as being submersible and resistant to chemicals and other unpleasant things.

Another light that is really worth the money is the 3310PL. The 3310 is an interesting piece of work in that there are all kinds of surprises. The battery compartment locks and can be accessed by a small hidden tool on the lanyard. The compartment is also protected by a small O-ring so the light is submersible. The light has three modes which can be accessed by lightly pressing the power button until the light dims or flashes. Probably the most striking thing about this flashlight is its interesting design, smooth solid plastic and the fact that it glows in the dark. All of this makes it a great flashlight to keep in a SHTF kit or bugout bag, and probably even for everyday use.

Other lights worth checking out are the 2720 Head lamp, 2690 LED Headlamp, Headsup lite 2620 head lamps which provide hands free lighting for those times when you need it and also several conveniently sized flashlights like the 1920 LED, 7600 LED and the keychain 1810 LED flashlight. Whatever flashlight you end up with you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the quality, brightness and maybe even features.

Pelican 1650 Case
In addition to durable waterproof flashlights, Pelican also makes an incredible variety of waterproof hard plastic cases. These are cases that would be great to carry gear out to sea with for diving expeditions or general marine transport. These also make great camera cases and can be used for amateur or professional moviemaking to carry gear or cameras in. Some also use them for transporting drones and combat robots. Saying that Pelican cases are nigh invulnerable may sound like hyperbole until you read Pelican’s website that features some interesting survival stories detailing how tough a Pelican case really is. One story describes a Pelican case surviving the treacherous waters of the Kaipara Harbor in New Zealand and another story in which the case was used as a makeshift jack in the Gobi Desert. One case even survived an explosion!

Pelican Case survived months at sea
While you can look through the entire selection linked above, some standout cases are the Pelican 1400 series which was the model lost at sea with nothing but barnacles and a dry interior to show for it. The 1510 series is said to be excellent for camera cases and also has padded dividers that can be purchased separately. Even within those series, several colors are available, so be sure to take a thorough look through the catalog.

Whatever Pelican product you end up with, you’ll be pleased with it and how durable it is. If for some reason your Pelican gets destroyed, Pelican’s warranty should cover quite a few situations.

Do you have a favorite Pelican product? Have you had one that survived absolute destruction? Share it with us on Instagram or Facebook!

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