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STEM TOY - OWI-752 Salt Water Monster Truck

STEM TOY - OWI-752 Salt Water Monster Truck

Tired of toy cars that run out of batteries and you’re breaking the bank buying more? Stop now! Don’t buy another pack! You don’t need new batteries, you need a new toy truck!

OWI-752 Saltwater Monster Truck
STEM toy experts OWI have made a monster truck kit that runs on salt water. Many kids naturally love building and will have a blast putting the car together. Once the car is built, add some saltwater to the reservoir and watch it go! The Monster truck has multiple points of articulation and monster truck tires enabling it to conquer surprisingly rough terrain. Some users cite a battery run time of up to 25 minutes, but it probably depends on what sort of action you’re putting it through.

Another great feature of this product is that it features transparent pieces and visible moving parts so you can see inside and watch the parts moving to gain clues as to how it and other machines work. Pistons and gears are plainly visible and moving for those curious kids who want to know what makes things go.

The build is relatively easy, but may take some good motor control. In that regard this is a project that will be perfect to help kids learn patience and mechanical skills while building motor skills. While this is somewhat of a missed opportunity to demonstrate this toy’s ability to mow down army men, G.I. Joes, or in true monster truck tradition, some other toy cars, you can watch a video of parts of the build and the truck’s ability to traverse inhospitable terrain.

All in all, a fun toy with some interesting potential to teach kids about building and alternative power.

Have you played with this? Leave us a review on the product page, or tell us about it on Facebook. Maybe upload a video of it taking down your other toys, we’d love to see it!
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