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Stocking Stuffers – Small Tools That are High Quality

Stocking Stuffers – Small Tools That are High Quality

Looking for a great stocking stuffer for the techie in the family? Check out the Gedore 165-171-06, it’s an excellent, high quality set of screwdrivers for working on electronics. The set consists of slotted and Phillips drivers in the following sizes:

  • Phillips precision screwdriver: #000,
  • Phillips precision screwdriver: #00,
  • Phillips precision screwdriver: #0,
  • Slotted precision screwdriver: 1.2mm,
  • Slotted precision screwdriver: 1.8mm,
  • Slotted precision screwdriver: 2.5mm

Gedore 165-171-06
Being comprised of some of the most common sizes, this makes a perfect gift set. Like all precision drivers, the tools are meant to be used one-handed and come with a swivel top allowing you to turn screws with little effort. This set stands apart from other sets in that it comes with a convenient storage case that will hold them and keep them from getting damaged. Definitely something that’s nice to have when you want to protect an investment in your tools.

Gedore Precision Torx driver T9
If you wanted to replace missing parts for that set, customize your own, or go for a more affordable stocking stuffer, you might want to check our listings for Gedore precision screwdrivers. You can get the Phillips #000, slotted 1.2, slotted 1.8, and slotted 2.5 individually as well as Torx screwdrivers such as the T9. Feel free to look through our entire listing of Gedore Tools, perhaps you’ll find some more good stuff for this holiday season. Gedore tools are one of the highest quality brands out there, they have a really smooth finish and are some of the most solidly built tools that are made by mankind. Just holding one in your hand, you can feel that it's definitely a cut above most brands you might have encountered up until now.

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