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Tool Bags and Backpacks by Klein Tools and CLC Work Gear

Tool Bags and Backpacks by Klein Tools and CLC Work Gear

Having the right tools to do a job is always an important thing, but something perhaps equally important and maybe overlooked is having the right bag to transport them in. Some things to consider before buying a tool bag are how many tools you need to transport, how heavy it will be when loaded, and usability on the job site. Do you need a bucket bag? Need a waterproof bottom? Will a backpack work? These are all important things to consider.

Klein Tools Tote
For organizing smaller tools and accessories within a larger bag, small pouches are a perfect idea. Klein Tools 5140 is a four-piece set that comes with bags in different, eye-popping colors which would work great for organizing your tools. The CLC 1100 is a similar product that’s a good deal more affordable with three pieces of varying sizes. While they’re not colorful, they can help you organize by size and they offer something that Klein doesn’t, the ability to clip onto a bag or belt loop for easy access.

CLC Tote
Moving on to larger bags in more of a tote size that allows you to carry a few more and larger tools without getting too heavy. While Klein makes quite a few tote sized bags, a few that stand out are the Klein 554158-14 8 inch tote, the Klein 5541610-14 10 inch tote, and the Klein 5144BHB140OS bucket allow for transport of enough tools to do a targeted job. These types of bags are favored by utility workers, electricians and many other tradesmen, probably because of the open access and ease of transport. Another similar product by Klein are the canvas buckets. While we carry the full line, the Klein 5109SLR and the Klein 5106 are a couple of our most popular and most versatile. There are also a couple popular canvas bags, Klein 5416TFR and Klein 5144 that can be carried on a belt or connected elsewhere.

Klein Tools Backpack
We also carry a few tote style bags by CLC Work Gear. The CLC 1539 has multiple compartments, pockets and areas accessible by zipper. For a bit larger and more or an open tote format there’s the CLC 1528 which has a tote handle or an over the shoulder strap. A little more unique, the CLC 1165 Large BigMouth tote which is more of an over the shoulder type of bag featuring easy access to tools. For a tote bag that zips up, the CLC 1107 comes is a set of two bags which you can organize to your needs depending on the job.

Last but not least, in situations where an open access tote isn’t ideal, Klein and CLC both make excellent backpacks. Klein’s Klein 55475 has tall pockets for screwdrivers and other smaller pockets for keys and cellphones. The Klein 55421BP-14 has a hard rubber bottom and many pockets for storage, but also has a tape measure holder, an electrical tape holder and a padded pouch for phones and glasses. On the other hand, the CLC 1132 boasts 75 pockets and sleeves for your many tools.

All of the bags that we sell from CLC and Klein are of excellent quality and built to last. Really the best way to choose which bag is for you is the job you do and the tools you need for it.

Do you own any Klein or CLC bags? We’d love to hear about it and see pictures of your tool setups as well as the kind of abuse these can take. Share it with us on Facebook or Instagram.
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