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Tool Tuesday – Affordable Wiha Tools for Father’s Day

Tool Tuesday – Affordable Wiha Tools for Father’s Day

Want to get your dad a great Father’s Day gift that’s not going to break the bank AND find yourself a valuable family heirloom at the same time? All kidding aside, we have a ton of different Wiha tools that will not only make your dad happy, but will also be a long term investment into his tool collection.

One of the most handy tools by Wiha is the 26 in one Ultra Driver. Even with this already impressive selection of 26 bits though, there are still more ways to narrow down what you get. The Wiha 77791 features slotted and Phillips driver bits, but has a heavy focus on Torx bits with some square bits and Pozidriv thrown in. The Wiha 77792 concentrates more on metric and inch hex bits and the Wiha 77790 tries to strike a balance between the two featuring a good balance of all the various bits so it can take on the most basic of any of those sorts of jobs. All of these 26 in one drivers are priced under $30 making it a great gift idea, it’s low cost and provides a high value for the amount of work it can do.

For a little bit more of an investment into a sturdier set of one purpose tools, this set, Wiha 30297, consists of 12 drivers and has a little of everything, there’s slotted and Phillips of various sizes and a stubby for each as well making this a really versatile set for the average handyman or home user. If you need steel end caps for striking, Wiha 53390 will do that job nicely. Priced well under $100, either of these sets are a great value and they’re tools that will last. They feel solid and truly represent some of Wiha’s best.

For something in the $50 range, we have a couple different hex wrench sets. The first set, Wiha 36986, is similar in style to Wera’s hex wrenches in that each hex wrench is color coded making it easy to locate in the carrier and they ‘re ball ended. This 13 piece set features a nickel-plated finish and are a bit more slender than the Wera hexes. The other set, Wiha 66982 is a hard chrome, 22 piece set that is actually two sets, one metric, one in inches. This set is also 15 to 20% longer than standard and can get into hard to reach places for adjustments. Given the number of wrenches this set comes with, it’s a steal at under $50.

If your dad likes to work on small electrics or jewelry, precision tools might be a better option. The Wiha 26190 sells for just over $30 and features seven precision drivers, both slotted and Phillips and a long nose pliers. Definitely a set that will be handy in many situations. This next set, Wiha 74996 comes in at just over $50. It’s a bit ratchet set that features a small ratchet with 31 different insert bits. This would be a great alternative to the 26 in one sets mentioned earlier. Lastly, they Wiha 76899 is a nice many in one set that comes in a nice metal case.

For various electrical or other wiring needs, the Wiha 32982 set is insulated up to 1,000 Volts and consists of a pliers, a cutter and a voltage detector. It’s a little spendy, but potentially lifesaving with its insulation. Not insulated, Wiha makes several wire strippers, crimpers and pliers (We just started carrying the Wiha 57810, 57812, 57816, 57818, 57820, 57814) all priced around $10 to $20, so take a look to see which ones might be most useful for a Father’s day gift.

With so many affordable tools, you’ll be sure to find something for Father’s Day. Does your dad have a favorite tool? Leave us a product review or tell us on Facebook!
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