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Tool Tuesday - Klein Tools 85078

Tool Tuesday - Klein Tools 85078

Today’s Tool Tuesday we’re highlighting Klein’s eight piece set of assorted screwdrivers which features probably the most common types of screwdrivers anyone would ever need. Each driver features Klein’s solid black rubber grip with a yellow plastic handle that will ensure a strong tool that will last for many years.

cabinet tip vs keystone tip
The set includes two cabinet tip screwdrivers, two keystone and four Phillips drivers. For those who don’t know, the cabinet tip screwdriver is flat or more square at the end and has been traditionally used for radio cabinets whereas a keystone tip sort of tapers off.

Klein tools 85078
We’re proud to feature this set by Klein as it’s made in the USA and is of exceptional quality. At EIO we have been selling Klein Tools for many years and it’s an easy choice because Klein makes a quality product. In this case, the steel is heat treated and extremely durable which means your tool, while not indestructible, won’t break under normal use. Customers are also extremely happy with this set because these drivers don’t strip screws, instead they fit snugly and minimize movement ensuring that your screw doesn’t get destroyed.

With the most common sizes and durability likely to last a lifetime, this Klein set is worth the investment. If you have a set, leave us a review with your thoughts about them!
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