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Toy Thursday – Elenco Snap Circuits Special Surprise

Toy Thursday – Elenco Snap Circuits Special Surprise

Whether you’re doing some early Christmas shopping or just looking for some STEM and learning toys for the summer, Elenco Snap Circuits has some nice surprises in store for you. While Snap Circuits are something we post about frequently, these ones stand apart in several unique ways. They’ll be great add-ons to existing kits or even great standalone projects.

The SCL-175 Snap Circuits Lights Electronics Discovery Kit contains 175 projects that will definitively teach your children how electricity works and give them hours of entertainment with interactive light shows. Some of the highlights include a strobe light, fiberglass colored lights, a light up spinning disc and more. You can watch a video of some of the highlights here. This kit will probably be one of the best intro kits if you’re not sure your child is interested. Even if it ends up not being something they pursue, they will for sure have fun with the lights and learn something as well.

Snap Circuits SCM-165
Similar in that it involves colorful and moving parts, the SCM-165 Motion Electronics Discovery Kit contains 165 different projects. This set is great fun on its own, or once your child gets good enough with it, can be added on to other sets. With other sets, the possibilities of what can be done are practically endless. This kit allows you to build a crawler and a little car-like device that moves, an airplane with light up propeller and more. You can see some of those in action at YouTube. Both the SCL-175 and the SCM-165 would benefit from the ACSNAP Battery Eliminator which costs about the same as a few packs of batteries.

Elenco SCROV Rover
Moving on to something a little more mobile and interactive, Elenco’s SCROV-10 R/C Snap Rover features 23 different projects, all of which involve using the R/C rover and controller to navigate. Kids will definitely have a blast, and you can run up to three of them in the same room adding to the fun. If you already own one and want to spice the rover up though, you can buy the UC-90 R/C Rover Upgrade Kit to turn it into the SCROV-50. The upgrade includes additional experiments, circuits and a disc launcher to fire discs with. Should the disc launcher break, you can get a replacement. You can watch a video of the SCROV-10 and SCROV-50. Getting the SCROV-50 right off is probably the best deal.

If you’ve been thinking of trying Elenco’s Snap Circuits, but thought they weren’t interesting enough or didn’t do enough, these sets are for you. They are quite a bit more interactive and feature quite a bit more activities that would appeal to younger children making them all excellent starters. If the kids like them, moving on to some of the other Snap Circuit sets might be a good move.

Keep these sets in mind for Black Friday, Cyber Monday, birthdays and any other occasion. Make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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