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Wera Wednesday – Vario Handle

Wera Wednesday – Vario Handle

Wera has been one of the most innovative tool companies in that they find interesting ways to innovate tools that have gone largely unchanged for decades. One of their biggest innovations, and one that they’ve applied to a large portion of their product line, is the unique and ergonomic handle. This handle is seen on ratchets, screwdrivers and more. The handle does make a huge world of difference, it truly feels natural in the hand and as a result can give you a better grip and more torque with less effort. At the time of this blog, we carry two versions of just the Wera handle as part of the Vario system which works with interchangeable blades.

The standard Vario Handle is pretty much a no frills handle that can be connected to any of the Vario blades. There are quite a few options, one of the most useful would the Wera 05002923001 which is double sided with a Phillips and a slotted head. They also have a combination Pozidrive/Phillips blade that would also be quite useful.

Wera Vario Ratchet HandleThe Wera 05002901001 Ratchet Screwdriver will also help with jobs where you want the handle to lock while you’re turning the screw. This feature would definitely allow more control and help with accuracy in adjusting screws. While this would be a great tool for any of the Vario blades, it might be especially helpful with the Wera 05040001001 Socket adaptor and the 05051835001 Bit Holder Adaptor.

wera vario setLastly, the Wera 05002990001 Vario set is probably the most cost effective way to get your hands on the handle and some blades, not to mention a nice storage case. This set comers with the standard Vario handle and 10 different combination blades. The set includes blades for slotter, Phillips, Pozidriv, Torx and Hex. Definitely a super affordable way to stock up.

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