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Wera Wednesday – Wera Rapidaptor and More

Wera Wednesday – Wera Rapidaptor and More

One of the coolest and most innovative things that Wera has made, and there have been a lot, is the Rapidaptor. The Rapidaptor is a handy little add on that Wera designed to basically help add some stability when screwing things in with a drill or a driver. You hold it with one hand to stabilize and then use the other to do the work. The Rapidaptor also is an easy-in, easy-out bit holder that makes changing bits easy while also holding them securely. You can read all about its functions here. It’s an excellent piece of engineering, and really a game changer for tool users, even for home use.

Wera Rapidaptor
If you’re looking to add this awesome piece of hardware to your toolbox, or you want someone to add it to your toolbox for Christmas, there’s an alarming number of options to get started. Probably the most basic option is the Wera 05052500001 Rapidaptor and the Wera 05052502001 which are the most basic ones available. The second of the two holds the bits in magnetically. This is pretty much the standard Rapidaptor that allows you to put a bit in with no effort and allows you to remove the bit with just a small push forward. This would be great for any drill or bit holding screwdriver.

You can also get the basic Rapidaptor on a T-Handle. This option gives you not only a comfortable grip, but also the option to provide more torque with the strength of your forearm. You can also get it on Wera’s signature screwdriver handle with the Wera 05051462001. The screwdriver features a strong magnet which helps with holding the bits. If you need a bit of a longer reach, you try the Wera 05052503001 or the Wera 05052504001 both of which hold the bits in magnetically.

Speaking of magnetic holders, there are a couple options for that. You can get a pretty standard Rapidaptor with the Wera 05052490001, and the Wera 05160988001 each with a ring magnet to help hold the screws in place. This is a great feature if you are trying to drill screws in to the wall as it eliminates the frustration of continually dropping screws.

Wera Rapidaptor magnet
If you want a little more with your rapidaptor, you can get the Wera 05056440001 or the Wera 05057431001 both of which are sets of 29 bits with a standard Rapidaptor. The 05057431001 is a slightly better investment as the bits are coated with diamond particles to ensure strength and a secure fit. Should you want additional bits for use with you Rapidaptor, you can check our listings here.

We hope you find a Rapidaptor that works for you, it’s a great add on to any tool collection whether you use Wera or not. Please make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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