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What Should I use to Build my PC?

What Should I use to Build my PC?

There are many reasons to build your own PC. Many times gamers do it to get a stronger performing PC as do those who do coin mining. Another reason people build their own PCs is to ensure that quality parts are used and to help eliminate the bloatware, both are things that often come with cheaper PCs new from the store. While the end result of what you put in your PC is entirely up to you and your needs, we stock a lot of different pieces made by Silverstone to throw in your PC.

TJ07 PC Case
One of the key pieces you’ll need to make your PC is the case, and before ordering, you’ll need to take into consideration the size of where you’re going to put the unit, the size of the components going into the build and probably other factors like ventilation, appearance, and of course cost. At the smaller and cheaper end, you can get the SG13B-Q or the SG13B for just a little over $40. If you need something a little larger or you need something a little higher end, the CS01S can be obtained for a hundred plus and the TJ04B-EW is in the neighborhood of $160. You can also add in some SF01 silent foam to help with any potential noise problems.

Silverstone ST1500
Once you’ve selected the right case, you might want to consider some accessories to help with your build. Every PC needs a fan for cooling and a filter to keep dust out. You also might need a drive bay to keep your hard drive or other drives secure in the tower. You’ll also need cables to connect everything and a power supply to get it all running. Since most of those parts depend on what you need the PC for, you’ll want to search for the ones that fit you build. It should be noted though that popular power supplies have been the ST1000-PT and the ST1500-TI, both of which can be used for Bitcoin mining. Even so, your power usage and what parts you add will vary greatly based upon what you are building the PC for.

Once you’ve selected the pieces, you’ll get everything you get everything you need for your coin mining rig, gaming system or more. We’d love to hear what parts you’ve used and what you’ve made, so make sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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