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Where Can I Buy Cheap Tools?

Where Can I Buy Cheap Tools?

Everyone wants the best possible tool for the lowest possible price. With tools, this can be a double edged sword, you can buy cheap tools, but they just won’t last. Yeah, you might get the job done, but your tool may not be in condition to do much else after the fact. So in the long run, it might pay to invest in a higher quality tool, even though it may be a little bit more of an initial cost. Even with that being the case, this article gives some great tips on how to save money when you buy tools.

Wiha 32199
One of the easiest ways to save some money on tools is to buy them in combo sets, something we have recommended in many previous blogs. All of the manufacturers that we sell make a huge selection of not only single tools, but also combo sets. Wiha in particular has so many different sets that you could easily assemble a pretty good collection of tools with a reasonably small investment. Often these combo sets are cheaper than grabbing the tools a la carte. One example where this would pay off is with the Wiha 32199 Insulated Drivers set which is a30 piece set. Altogether the average price per piece is about $8, but buying them all individually would could cost anywhere from about $7 to $15 depending on the piece. Klein Tools 80028 is a 28 piece set for $330, but the bag it comes with is about $65, one set of long nose pliers is around $25, the lineman pliers are around $45 and the pump pliers are not far off from $50. With just the bag and three tools you’re already at more than half the cost of the entire set. This can also apply to smaller items too. Individual bits can be a few bucks a piece, but buying them in larger sets will get you more bits for less money. You don’t have to be a mathematician to see why combo sets pay for themselves, especially if you’re trying to stock your toolbox.

Wera 05006145001 VDE Insulated set
Another way you can save money is by sticking with a specific brand. It’s not just a loyalty thing, it makes a certain amount of sense. If you buy a Wera tool you may find yourself wondering if it will be compatible with a Klein part. Buying all the same brand kind of removes that question. It also makes sense to stick with a brand because if you buy the combo sets, you may get all the same brand anyways. We carry several high quality brands and we are always looking to expand that. You’ll find Klein, Felo, Wera, Wiha, Platinum Tools, Gedore, Bondhus and you never know who else. The article also points out that once you’re familiar with a brand, you’ll be most likely to stick with it because you know it.

The last piece of advice we’ll borrow is to basically keep an eye out for deals. Keep an eye out for Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, but we also run promos and sales periodically throughout the year. If there’s no urgency, with a little bit of patience you can get yourself some good deals on the world’s highest quality tools.

At we have a huge selection of tools and many of them are at bargain prices and/or they come with free shipping. You’ll save a great deal of money on the best tools by shopping with us. We’ love to hear from you about how much money you saved and what your favorite tools are, so be sure to leave us product reviews for your favorites and tell us about your favorite on Facebook or Instagram!

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