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3M™ EMI Absorber AB7050HF, 210 mm x 297 mm

by 3M
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1 sheet    Flexible, high permeability magnetic sheets    One-sided acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive    Low Halogen version of AB7000 Series absorbers    Less than 900 ppm bromine and chlorine    Less that 1500 ppm total... Read more


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3M™ EMI Absorber AB7050HF, 210 mm x 297 mm

1 sheet

    Flexible, high permeability magnetic sheets

    One-sided acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive

    Low Halogen version of AB7000 Series absorbers

    Less than 900 ppm bromine and chlorine

    Less that 1500 ppm total bromine and chlorine

    Meets guidelines set forth in IEC 61249-2-21

    Easily die-cut into complex shapes

    Consists of a flexible polymer resin loaded with soft metal flakes

    Acrylic pressure-sensitive adhesive allows for easy application

    Improved lower frequency absorber vs. the AB5000 or AB5000S Series (@ < 1 GHz)

    Reduce EMI and RF noise in electronic systems

    Apply to noisy traces, IC's and reflective surfaces in an enclosure

3M™ EMI Absorber AB7050HF. This low-halogen, flexible, high-permeability magnetic sheet is a broadband absorber for near-field applications in the 50 MHz-10 GHz range. Easily die-cut. Backing thickness of 0.55 mm.

AB7000HF Absorber Series is typically used for applications requiring EMI control and signal integrity improvement in the 50 MHz to 10 GHz range. It is a broadband EMI absorber designed to work in near-field applications inside and around electronic devices and assemblies. Common applications include reduction of noise and crosstalk inside mobile electronics, reduction of crosstalk and EMI on ribbon cables and flex cables, reduction of radiated IC noise (applying absorber directly to the noisy IC), damping of radiation and oscillations inside shields and cavities, and increasing signal integrity on high speed data lines through crosstalk reduction.

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