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3M Roloc Bristle Disc Kit 982RS, 2 in

by 3M
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5 kits per orderVersatile Roloc™ sample pack includes four types of discs: Cloth, Surface Conditioning, Unitized and Bristle All discs come in a variety of grades, so operators can test the right grade for their... Read more



3M Roloc Bristle Disc Kit 982RS, 2 in

5 kits per order

Versatile Roloc™ sample pack includes four types of discs: Cloth, Surface Conditioning, Unitized and Bristle

All discs come in a variety of grades, so operators can test the right grade for their application

Discs are color coded to help reduce the risk for error during multi-step processes

All 2” discs feature Roloc™ TR attachment that attaches to 2” Roloc™ holder pad included in pack

Roloc™ system provides quick and easy tool attachment for enhanced throughput and productivity

3M™ Roloc™ Bristle Disc Kit 982RS includes a variety of Roloc™ discs designed primarily for moderate to heavy grinding, blending, leveling and finishing. This introductory pack provides an easy and economical way to evaluate the right product, size and grade for your application.

Sample Packs: A Good Approach to Trial and Error

Perfecting abrasive processes is, more often than not, a matter of trial and error. Mineral, backing, grade, attachment type – all these factors play a role in achieving the desired outcome. So, how do you know which combination is right for your project?

3M™ Roloc™ Bristle Disc Kit 982RS contains a variety of discs to help you take the guesswork out of selecting the right abrasive. By utilizing all discs in this pack, you can compare and judge results at the same time. The discs in this pack are good for moderate to heavy duty applications, like finishing, grinding and deburring. Here’s why.

Roloc™ Cloth Discs

The Roloc™ Cloth Discs in Kit 982RS are great for blending, deburring, grinding and stock removal primarily because of the ceramic aluminum oxide blend that coats the abrasive surface. 3M™ ceramic aluminum oxide blend is designed using a proprietary process to enhance toughness and hardness of the grain. It’s engineered to fracture frequently and enhance cut-rate and durability. It’s backed by a stiff YF-weight polyester backing, so the abrasive is less likely to deflect when run, maintaining constant contact and ridding the substrate of burrs. Given that the cloth is water resistant, the abrasive may be run wet or dry. It also has a grinding aid. Together, these attributes help keep the abrasive and workpiece cool – great for heat-sensitive metals like steel.

Roloc™ Surface Conditioning Discs

Roloc™ Surface Conditioning Discs are tough, durable and good for applications that need a load-resistant abrasive – like sealant, corrosion and stock removal. These discs feature non-woven nylon fibers that run cool and resist loading by allowing debris to escape through gaps in the fibers. The fiber is impregnated with abrasive mineral, aluminum oxide or silicon carbide, to provide a high cut rate for consistent finishing. Like the cloth discs, these discs come in a variety of grades and sizes. Each is also color-coded to identify its grade, making it easy to grab the grade required for different applications.

Roloc™ EXL Unitized Wheels

Manufactured with compressed, non-woven fiber construction and uniform mineral distribution, our EXL Unitized Wheel produces consistent, professional results for weld polishing, deburring aircraft parts, blending and finishing on a variety of metals, plastics and composites. EXL material in the higher densities is extremely tough, delivering aggressive cutting power for effective deburring of edges and corners without damaging the part. The lower densities are soft and conformable and work well for finishing contoured surfaces.

Roloc™ Bristle Discs

Like the cloth discs, Roloc™ Bristle discs feature ceramic aluminum oxide blend for enhanced cut rate and durability. The mineral is peppered onto molded, flexible bristles. Spacing between bristles permits dust to escape, making these discs good for high-loading applications like coating removal, stripping and blending. While tough, the bristles also conform to contours to on complex parts.

All discs in this pack have a 3M™ Roloc™ TR attachment, or a plastic threaded button that quickly screws onto the Roloc™ TR disc pad included in the kit. With a simple twist-off/ twist-on motion, operators are ready to get to work. The Roloc™ attachment system enables operators to conveniently change discs fast during multi-step processes.

The versatile assortment of discs in this pack – all equipped with a Roloc™ attachment – make 3M™ Roloc™ Bristle Disc Kit 982RS a good choice for operators who want to sample and test different discs. It presents a convenient and economical means for finding the right disc for you.

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