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Trend Networks R171000 SecuriTEST IP CCTV Tester Kit

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SecuriTEST IP CCTV tester is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax and analog security camera systems.


TREND Networks

Trend Networks R171000 SecuriTEST IP CCTV Tester Kit

SecuriTEST IP CCTV tester is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax and analog security camera systems.

Product Details

General Information
TREND Networks
Part Number
Product Type
CCTV Tester Kit
What's Included
(1) Li-Ion Battery

(1)Tracing Probe/Wiremap Terminal

(1) Carrying Case with Neck Strap

(1) 110/220V PSU

(1) 10' Cords (RJ45, BNC, Camera Power)

(2) RS485 Terminals

(1) 20" RS485/Alligator Cord

(1) 20" Audio/Alligator Cord

(1) Reference Guide

(1) MicroSD Card Reader
California Residents
Proposition 65 Warning
Physical Characteristics
1.68 kg
3.70 lb
Black / Blue / Gray
Physically Connect Camera:

Connect to any IP or analog camera using RJ-45, BNC connections or Wi-Fi via network.

Whether you are installing or troubleshooting cameras, SecuriTEST IP supports all your power requirements for IP and analog cameras.

Camera Identification and Login:

QuickIP™ automates the process of connecting to IP cameras, allowing novice technicians to configure IP cameras as easily as analog cameras.

For instances where dynamic IP addresses are required by the camera, SecuriTEST IP has a built-in DHCP server making setup easy and eliminating the need for additional network hardware.

A suite of networking troubleshooting tools are available to pinpoint and solve network connectivity issues.

IP Camera Setup:

Configure camera – update camera information and network settings

Aim and focus – use the high-resolution touchscreen or the hard keys when wearing gloves

Program presets for PTZ cameras – Program PTZ camera presets for users to automatically look at predefined areas

Take snapshot – save video snapshots including preset locations for your installation reports

Record video clip – record video clips to demonstrate complete coverage for PTZ cameras

Professional Reports:

Easily transfer reports from the jobsite – Using the built-in Wi-Fi and the web browser, test reports can be sent directly from the tester using email, your preferred file sharing service or be exported on microSD card.

Convert unpaid call backs to billable service calls – Generate professional PDF reports that provide proof of installation to the client.

No more spreadsheets – Today security engineers waste time manually filling in excel documents to create reports. SecuriTEST IP is the first camera tester to capture camera image(s), network configuration and automate documentation.

Reduce troubleshooting time – Reports capture as-built configuration that will help to reduce troubleshooting on future call backs.

18GB of combined storage – 10GB of internal memory and 8GB available on the SD memory card included.

Cable Tracing - Search for Cabling:

SecuriTEST IP includes the ability to identify and trace cables using the digital tone generator and the “Cable Tracer/Remote Tool”.

Choose from four tones and use the “Cable Tracer/Remote Tool” with variable sensitivity settings to trace either large cable bundles from a distance or pinpoint a single cable within a bundle.

Product Video

SecuriTEST IP is an installation and troubleshooting tester for digital/IP, HD coax and analog CCTV camera systems. With a single tester that can power, configure and document, SecuriTEST IP increases productivity from start to finish.

Supply power to cameras via PoE/PoE+ (Power over Ethernet) or standard 12V DC power using its internal Li-Ion battery, eliminating the need for external power adapters and injectors.

The QuickIP™ feature allows installers who are new to IP camera systems to quickly and easily connect to cameras without being network experts.

Create professional test reports including video screen shots to verify the job has been completed successfully and reduce unpaid call backs.
  • Connect to various cameras
  • Power the camera with Li-Ion battery or PoE+
  • Faster camera login
  • Comprehensive camera setup with aim, focus, PTZ
  • Provide proof of installation with PDF reports
  • Eliminate guess work with troubleshooting tools