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Standard Abrasives MD Mini-Brush 875714

by 3M
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The Standard Abrasives MD Mini-Brush features medium density (MD) Buff and Blend material for efficient restoration of original, high-quality finishes on fabricated steel parts. While welds or other imperfections might detract from a fine finish,... Read more
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Standard Abrasives MD Mini-Brush 875714

The Standard Abrasives MD Mini-Brush features medium density (MD) Buff and Blend material for efficient restoration of original, high-quality finishes on fabricated steel parts. While welds or other imperfections might detract from a fine finish, the original luster can still be salvaged even revitalized and renewed with the help of this abrasive brush.

Restoring Original Finishes
Conventional methods for blending weld traces and other imperfections can be time consuming and unpredictable. The Standard Abrasives™ MD Mini-Brush restores the original appearance of metal parts quickly and easily. Users begin by welding and setting the grain as normal. Then, the Standard Abrasives™ MD Mini-Brush follows to deliver stainless finishes.

The brush is constructed by attaching thin flaps of abrasive material mounted to a fiberglass core. Its design utilizes the ˝face˝ of the material rather than the ˝edge.˝ resulting in fine finishes without leaving the traces of lines associated with ganged arbor hole discs. The flaps are buoyant and responsive, so, rotating on the workpiece they splay out subtly and cover more surface area to eliminate gaps. The brush easily attaches to a die grinder or rotary tool and can be brought to the workpiece if necessary.

Medium Density Material Produces Fine Finishes
Our MD Mini-Brush utilizes our Standard Abrasives™ Buff and Blend medium density non-woven material. Among Buff and Blend products, the Mini-Brush is the least aggressive, making it ideal for producing fine finishes on irregular shaped parts.

Benefits of Open Web Abrasives
The Standard Abrasives™ MD Mini-Brush is constructed with aluminum oxide mineral and nonwoven nylon fibers bonded with resin, resulting in a dense open web. Resin bonds tolerate heat and help enhance overall durability of the abrasive. Aluminum oxide mineral cuts sharp and is friable, fragmenting under heat and pressure to reveal sharp cutting edges, offering a consistent cut throughout the life of the abrasive.

Gaps between the nonwoven nylon fibers allow swarf and debris to escape, so the abrasive does not get clogged with buildup and keeps cutting sharper for longer. Moreover, the nylon fibers are buoyant and responsive, so you get a consistent cut without gouging or marring the workpiece. Given that maintaining part geometry – especially on fabricated steel parts – is often a top concern, the mini-brush’s ability to conform to the substrate without compromising part geometry is one of its key benefits. It helps reduce the likelihood of having to discard scrap parts due to incorrect tolerances, as well as minimizes the need for rework.

Broad Range of Grades
The Mini-Brush is color coded by grade to help users quickly identify the right grade for their application. Available grades range from very fine to extra coarse to meet the needs of many different surfaces. Medium and fine grades will cut less aggressively but leave a finer scratch pattern, whereas coarse grades will cut more aggressively and leave a rougher scratch pattern.

Altogether, the Mini-Brushes provide a quality, fast and easy solution for restoring original steel finishes.

Quality Standard Abrasives™ Solutions for Industrial Applications
The Standard Abrasives brand has supplied quality abrasives to the metalworking industry for over 50 years. Customers rely on our broad offering of high performance products including coated, bonded, and non-woven abrasive lines.

  • Delivers high-quality finishes with sharp cutting and self-renewing aluminum oxide mineral
  • Open web is load resistant, prolonging abrasive service life
  • Non-woven material is spongy and responsive, conforming to most surface geometries
  • Resin bond is heat resistant and withstands repeated wear
  • High Strength Buff and Blend material has great tear resistance
  • Easy to use

Product Details

General Information
Standard Abrasives™
Attachment Type
Country Of Origin
United States
Lead Time
2 days
California Residents
Dimensions and Specifications
Center Hole Thread Size
Maximum Speed
3500 rpm
Overall Diameter (Imperial)
4.5 in
Overall Diameter (Metric)
114.3 mm
Overall Width (Imperial)
2 in
Overall Width (Metric)
50.8 mm
Non Pertinent
Other Details
Material and Composition
Abrasive Material
Silicon Carbide
Product Form
Color and Appearance
Product Color
Certifications and Standards
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