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Thames and Kosmos 585001 Happy Atoms Complete Set

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Chemistry is the science of materials, their properties, and how they react with each other. All materials are made of atoms. Why do some atoms combine with each other while other atoms do not? because... Read more


Thames & Kosmos

Thames and Kosmos 585001 Happy Atoms Complete Set

Chemistry is the science of materials, their properties, and how they react with each other. All materials are made of atoms. Why do some atoms combine with each other while other atoms do not? because atoms just want to be happy! atoms tend to be more stable, or "happy," when they have certain numbers of electrons whizzing around their cores. Where do they find extra electrons if they need more to be happy? from other atoms that have too many electrons, of course! when atoms share or exchange electrons to be happy, they stick together. Happy atoms form molecules! this physical and digital kit lets you discover the world of molecules in an intuitive, hands-on way. Using a set of 50 atom models representing 16 different elements, you can assemble your own molecular models. The atoms stick together easily with magnets: metal tips on the ends of rubbery arms, which represent free electrons, snap onto magnetic bonding sites on the atom spheres, which represent empty spots for electrons in the atom's outermost electron shell. But how do you know what the molecule you've snapped together is? you use the included app for iPad and iPhone to snap its picture, and the app uses state-of-the-art image recognition technology to identify the molecule. The app recognizes tens of thousands of molecules and presents detailed information about 120 of the most important ones, such as a molecule's usage, properties, hazards, formula, and structure. The app takes you on guided quests to discover new molecules and learn about them, and you can also track your progress, collecting sets of molecules that you have built and explored. Many people think of chemistry as complicated and hard to grasp. New technology now enables us to take this innovative approach to teaching chemistry, making it more tangible and instinctive than ever before. Requires iPad or iPhone.

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Thames and Kosmos
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Happy Atoms Complete Set
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Educational Toy
California Residents
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10 years and up
No batteries required
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Small parts. Not for children under 3 yrs.
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Kit and user manual
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4 lbs

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Saved my science grade

I got these for Christmas just before the Corona virus lockdown, with the remote learning, this helped me understand chemistry and saved my science grades so I could graduate. Really made learning fun and easy. Can't wait to use it again when I start college.

David Kim
Good STEM toy

Compared to the basic set, this is very much an excellent buy. Great way for kids at all ages from young kids even up to college to learn about atoms, chemistry and science with the app. visualizing makes learning fun and easy.

Can't say anything bad about it

This is a really fine set for kids and adults if you just want to learn science while playing with your hands and the app, and it's even better if you have to learn. It makes learning fun and it's a lot easier to remember complex molecules when you're enjoying it. MUCH BETTER THAN A TEXTBOOK!

Excellent sit

Used these a lot to study in college and they really made life easier. They even explain valence electrons!!!

Building and science in one toy!

If your kids love building, this is a fun toy. If your kids are struggling with science, they will like this too. It's a very easy and tactile way for kids to learn about how atoms work and make molecules. The app also identifies molecules you make so even just goofing off you can learn something. Perfect way to help kids with science!