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Best Selling 3M Products

Best Selling 3M Products

3M the innovation company is one of those dream-come-true success stories from American history that show that even in mistakes, hard work and cleverness can overcome apparent failure. A look at 3M’s history reveals that the company started out looking to mine corundum, however the mine was full of other, less useful minerals. As 3M attempted to overcome this and make a profit in mining and manufacturing sandpaper, they made a rather bold move. They encouraged the workers throughout the company to innovate and come up with new products, many of these are things that we use everyday:  from tape, to Post-It notes to sandpaper to automotive products and much, much more, you probably come into contact with dozens of 3M products all day every day without even knowing it. In short, 3M has earned the right to be called the innovation company.

Bondo Spreaders
Here at EIO we carry many 3M products and we try to tailor those products to complement our tool offerings, so, much of what you see will be of use on a job site or in an industrial setting. The most obvious jobsite 3M product line that we carry is personal protective equipment (PPE). We carry hearing protection, from insertable earplugs like the 310-1060 to over the ear headphones with the H6B/V. We also supply standard safety glasses, eyewear with a foam gasket (to prevent dust intrusion and provide comfort), and an anti-fog lens with LED lights. To complete the basic overview of PPE, you must of course consider breathing protection. We carry a basic N100 Particulate respirator, which protects against basic contaminants like dust, the N95 welding respirator which is good for welding, soldering, cutting and sanding, and the 3M 6503QL reusable respirator which works in conjunction with filters like the 3M 6006 cartridge. Be sure to do your homework to get the right one as there are many variants and we have more than just those in stock.

3M Tape
With 3M automotive products, we carry many of 3M’s bestselling automotive products, many of which you could do a thorough repair/restoration job with. Some of our highlights include the headlight restoration kit which eliminates the fogginess in a headlight, 3M’s Bondo 901 for use in body repair often used with plastic spreaders. Once your done with the Bondo and it’s dried, you’re ready to sand it down. There is much more to the process of course, but that really is an entirely different topic.

Lastly, we carry many brands of tape. Some of our favorites are painter’s tape, painter’s tape for special surfaces, performance masking tape, and vinyl tape. Be sure to check out what else we sell to see what other kinds of tape we carry.

As 3M continues to innovate various industries, we’ll be on the lookout for more of their products to sell. Do you have a favorite 3M product? Tell us about it on Facebook or leave us a review.
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