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Toy Thursday – Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Sets

Toy Thursday – Thames & Kosmos Chemistry Sets

Building on our foundation of fun and educational STEM toys, today on Toy Thursday we’re highlighting a fun and educational chemistry set by Thames & Kosmos. Each of the kits comes with a very thorough manual loaded with color pictures. Each kit also contains pretty much all of the item you’ll need to get started. You and your kids will be ready to make some science in no time!

Perhaps the best way to gauge your child’s interest and aptitude for chemistry is to give the Thames & Kosmos 640118 C1000 kit a shot. Reasonably priced, the kit features 125 unique experiments, some of which involve iron and copper, you can also split water into hydrogen and oxygen and dissolve metals. One of the experiments involves using a sieve and chemical reactions to make a mysterious blue ring appear. Seeing how the various chemical reactions create things that are visually interesting will keep your kids engaged and excited to learn more. You can see a couple of the experiments in action here.

Thames & Kosmos C2000
If you already know there’s an interest in science, you may want to skip the C1000 and buy the Thames & Kosmos 640125 C2000 kit. It includes everything in the C1000 kit, and much more. This kit is a significant step up, however, as it introduces an alcohol burner to allow experiments with heat. The C2000 features twice as many experiments as the C1000, so even if you’ve mastered the first kit, you’ll still get something out of it. Kids will be introduced to separating mixtures, combustion and electrochemical reactions among others.

Thames & Kosmos C3000
Last but not least, the Thames & Kosmos 640132 Chem C3000 kit comes with everything the C2000 has (and I guess the C1000 too by default) and more. The C3000 gives you a whopping 333 experiments! You can watch a video of four of the experiments in action. Expanding on the experiments in the earlier kits, you’ll use new chemicals like potassium permanganate for quite a few experiments, including to make oxygen and then use pure oxygen to cause an iron wire to burn.

Take a look at each kit, and see where your child is at in terms of interest. If you’re not sure, the C1000 is a good start, but if they’ve already expressed an interest in science, you’ll want to consider the C2000 or the C3000. No matter which kit you get, you’ll get experiments that are at least as educational as anything from a textbook and definitely way more interesting. Yet again, Thames Kosmos has found another way to make science fun.

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