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Bright Lights - Nebo Compact Flashlights

Bright Lights - Nebo Compact Flashlights

One of the keys to getting the job done in the dark is having enough light. While there are many solutions for lighting, few are as compact, handy or as bright as Nebo’s lights.

Nebo lil larry
At first glance, the Lil Larry doesn’t look all that special. Turn it on though, and you’ll find it’s bright enough to blast you right in the eye sockets. Turn it the right way, into the dark room, and you’ll be surprised that it lights up far more of the room than any light this small has any right to. At 250 Lumens, Lil Larry packs a huge punch for its size. Lil Larry’s usefulness doesn’t end there though, on the other end of the flashlight, there’s a powerful little magnet that lets you stick it onto any ferrous metal near you, freeing both hands for whatever job is at hand. This is a great model for PC techs and car mechanics who need a light while they work, but who don’t want to mess with any of the clunky options. While it is a bit heavy to store in shirt pocket, it could easily fit in an arm or pants pocket designed for pens. It’s a great little light for the price and packs a wallop, all on 3x AAA. It also comes in red and silver. It also boasts 3 modes, bright at 250 Lumens for 3 hours, less bright at 95 Lumens for 10 hours, and emergency red flash which also lasts for 10 hours. Toss one in your toolbox or bugout bag, you won’t regret it.

Nebo flashlight
Another great little lighting powerhouse is the Nebo 5633 which is a small little light, but quite sturdy. While not as bright as Lil Larry, it is quite bright for smaller spaces. The maximum bulb power says it can go up to 30 feet, but you’ll be a lot more satisfied with its illumination the closer you are to whatever you’re lighting up. It would be the perfect companion in a crawlspace, doing duct work or working on PCs. It too runs on 3x AAA’s. It also features a laser pointer. For a compact job, it’s maybe a little lighter than the Lil Larry, but it’s also thicker so it would fit well in a tool bag/kit.

Going a little more compact, the Nebo 6272 is another handy little light to have. It features a zoom so you can make the beam of wider or narrower. It’s also got a handy clip for carrying or to free hands up while working, and to that end it’s also got a magnet in the bottom to keep it clinging while you tinker.

Need something else? Check out all of the Nebo lights and other items that we carry, or leave us a review for one you have already.
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