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Raspberry Pi - Perfect for any Project

Raspberry Pi - Perfect for any Project

At we have always carried innovative products to support hobbyists and DIYers. We’re continuing that tradition with the Seeed Studio build of the Raspberry Pi board. Raspberry Pi first appeared in 2012 and has since grown into a phenomena that has many using Pi as a way to learn coding as well as a host of other things.

Raspberry pi tablet
After buying one of these, a great beginning point for kids and adults to start would be with 10 Raspberry Pi Projects for Beginners. Highlighted in this list of ten are a home surveillance system, a DIY arcade stick, an e-Book library, a VPN and best of all, a way to play Minecraft or use it as a retro gaming console. As skills progress, one can use Raspberry Pi for home automation, robotics and a few more things. This site also gives a few highly specialized projects that may strike your fancy as will this site and this site. It’s really the perfect template for a host of projects, you’d probably have to buy more than one.

raspberry pi case
The Raspberry Pi board is an incredibly small investment but yet can be used for an incredible array of projects. The key point is that with the Raspberry Pi, you can use it to do practically anything and it will help you learn coding and other useful skills. It’s also a great way for kids to get involved with DIY and hacking household items to be used in new and creative ways, all the while hitting the all-important STEM checkboxes. Of course, having the option to play videogames at the end of the project probably would be a great incentive for kids to learn how to code and make a home arcade.

Since the Raspberry Pi is basically an exposed circuit board, you should probably build a house for it. You can go as cheap as this paper/cardboard cutout or go high end and use a 3D Printer to make a case for your Raspberry Pi.

Already have a Raspberry Pi? Give us a product review and tell us what you’ve made!
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