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Deals on Wera Tools

Deals on Wera Tools

When was the last time you experienced joy or even excitement when you were about to use a tool? If you’re like me, the answer is probably never. Or at the very least…no, probably still never. And that’s probably because tools are just tools. They’re designed to do some sort of work and that’s that. In most cases, a tool is just a bare bones thing designed without frills to get a job done (and it probably doesn’t always work perfectly to do that job). The tool probably does little else and it probably doesn’t even look that cool. That’s where Wera comes in and does some things differently, earning their name and reputation as “Tool Rebels”.

Wera Ratchet setWera is one of the few tool companies around who actually strives to innovate tools, to make them easier to use, and this translates into a sort of joy at the thought of using or seeing a Wera tool in action. From time to time, here at EIO, I’ll get to see a Wera tools come in and some combination of the packaging and the design of the tool makes me somewhat excited to see and feel it. The joy of coming across a Wera tool, I think, comes from the fact that Wera is passionate about the tools they make and Wera isn’t content to just make tools, but their passion drives them to make tools better. It’s always kind of a fun exercise to see what they’ve done to make a given tool better. This isn’t just clever marketing either, when you look at Wera’s Zyklopp ratchet or Kraftform Screwdrivers, you’ll see that they definitely do drive improvements to tools. Their approach to toolmaking and product presentation definitely makes Wera Tools a joy to handle and use.

The unfortunate side effect of the things that make Wera nice is that Wera Tools cost a little more than you would expect, but when you consider the unique innovations and the durability of the tools, this is more of an investment for a tool that will last than an increased cost just for the sake of it. You get a fair amount of value with the increased investment. Don’t worry though, there are some ways to get your hands on some Wera tools at a decent price while also getting a unique value. While we carry Wera’s entire catalog, including the newly released Wera Advent Calendar, there are a few tools that we’ve also found are an exceptional value in addition to some that are best sellers.

Wera Kraftform holderOne of our bestsellers, and probably one of the most useful tools all around would be the Wera Kraftform Kompakt 28SB. This tool gets you a multi-use screwdriver with Wera’s trademark ergonomic handle that contains a secret compartment to store the 6 included bits. I suppose it’s possible that you could change out the bits, maybe to include any of these 30 diamond bits and make sure the tool has what you need at all times. The Kraftform also includes an extension piece to make it easier to get into tight places.

Another popular Wera Tool is this set of Joker Wrenches. Jokers come with a number of features that set them above your average wrench. Joker Wrenches are light weight and possess double-hex geometry, and some parts are replaceable. The overall design also allows them to get a stronger grip with extremely hard teeth. The design of a Wera Joker is also meant to be durable and they’re designed to last for many years of use. Compared to other brands, the Joker is a lower cost option with comparable features to brands like Snap-On so if you need wrenches, give them a shot.

Joker WrenchLastly, Wera’s ratchets are also a great way to get the best deal for your money. This Wera ratchet set comes in a durable fabric case with several common sockets and even some bits giving it a good range of versatility. While it’s considered part of the Zyklop line, it doesn’t have the swivel headed features or Kraftform handle of the main Zyklop ratchets like this one does, however it would be a good solid tool nonetheless. The main Zyklop ratchets all come with the standard Wera Kompakt handle and features the swivel head that really innovated how ratchets work. As someone who’s had frustrations and issues with ratchets, Wera’s Zyklop is a tool that I would describe as a joy to use, at least in comparison with the standard offering.

These are just a few of many Wera tools we offer that will help you discover or rediscover the joy of using tools and help you get a good deal on some Wera Tools. With their cleverly thought out innovations and tough, lightweight design, Wera Tools are an investment in your tool using future. Check out how to save big on Wera and get the most for your money at   

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