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Discount Wiha Tools For Sale

Discount Wiha Tools For Sale

Working in a specialized job is sometimes a double edged sword. On one hand, if you have the desired skills, it’s good job security and can be very rewarding. On the downside, it also often requires numerous, often specialized, tools. And we all know how expensive tools can be. We also all want to find the cheapest price on tools, otherwise places that sell crappy tools, like Harbor Freight, wouldn’t exist. The need for affordable tools is especially prescient in situations where, as an employer, you provide tools for your workers. So, we all face the challenge of “how do we get the most amount of good tools for the least amount of money?” One way is to take advantage of the many combo paks, sales, and Big Deals that Wiha runs through distributors like us.

Wiha 28188 saleFor you employers who provide tools for your service techs, mechanics and shop workers, one of the best ways to build up your shop tool collections is with Wiha’s preassembled toolkits. Besides making quality tools, the thing Wiha is most known for is their staggering number of combo paks. In most cases, whether it’s stocking a shop, a tool cart or service van, you’re going to need a lot of sizes at once. We carry the full line of Wiha’s tools including insulated tool sets, wrench sets, screwdriver sets, nutdrivers and setters, pliers sets, socket and ratchet sets and more. While you can buy many if not all of these tools individually, you’ll save tons of money and get a nice carrying pouch or case in most cases when buying a set. It’s really an added value.

Wiha 30394Speaking of added value, Wiha has a really great promotion, and it’s always changing so keep checking with us to find out the latest deal. Every month, or sometimes quarterly, Wiha runs a really cool promotion called “The Big Deal”. Past examples of big deals include pliers, and the 26 in 1 Screwdriver. This month (September 2019), Wiha’s Big Deal is probably their best yet. They’ve knocked around $100 bucks off of the Wiha 30495 Inch and Metric Combination Wrenches, the 30391 Combination Metric Ratchet Wrenches and the 30394 Combination Inch Ratchet Wrenches. Another great deal at just over half off is the Wiha 28188 Drive-Loc Interchangeable Blade 32 Piece Set. Probably the most insane Big Deal to date is the Wiha 32800 Insulated Rolling Tool Case, you’ll save hundreds of dollars. The 32800 is an 80 piece set that comes in a tough plastic case and if you’re doing work that requires insulated tools, this has probably everything you would possibly need. A Big Deal indeed!

Wiha 32800 saleWiha tools are probably one of the easiest ways to get your hands on quality German tools, and with our competitive pricing, Wiha’s combo packs and their Big Deal, you can get your hands on a lot of essential tools at a low price which is a great thing if you need to stock up yourself or buy tools for your guys in the workshop. Save money with Wiha’s Big Deal!

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